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what's wrong with me?
I seem to be doing just well with no sleep.
I mean this going three or four days w/ little sleep is usually fine for like three days and then me crashing.
Now it's been many days w/ little sleep. I didn't even sleep well in Brainerd. I never do.

Man I wish it would snow! Today was the first real cold day. The first day for long johns! that's for sure. Today was not a good day. I got up to go to Al's. and I couldn't find my shadesand then not my keys. then i found keys but not shades that I wanted. then my bike lock wouldn't work! I shit you not, the key would not turn all the way, so I ran down the street, saw the bus and darted for it. I made it on time, ate at work, learned how to cook, got Harry to commit to making me a vegetarian dinner,tooksomeglasses from the lost and found that say NAVAL RESERVE on them. I hope todd or the nra guy left them. or the asshole cop who wanted a discount?!?!?!?!

what's wrong this picture? Well I have at least two and possibly three more of shades, one for my back pack and one for car. the bp one wasn't there and I dind't want to get my car pair. and the thrid pair, somelame pink ones are lost, i guess. like my favorite sweatshirt, the kaxe one I loaned to someone and NEVER GOT BACK (give it to me!!!!!) and my lock mayve cuz it was like twenty degrees.

anywho the lack of snow. We haven't had any yet in minneapolis. none.
I watched some of the damn packers game at adam's on monday night and there was SNOW. I was so jealous, seattle gets snow? Then I saw pics of a friend on facebook at school out there, she was sledding in the snow!!!!! It's just that as long as it's gonna be in the twenties and me not able to ride bike to school, there might as well be snow because it's so pleasing to the eyes.

and what, am i going to have to stop riding because my lock won't work in the cold!!! Oh well, I guess I will be getting my sixty dollars worth on the buspass afterall!

and graham made it through to TST on tuesday! Finally, for two weeks emily, dane and i had tried and it never ever worked! oh no. last callers, too. and we won on the superfast round, not special jeapordy though. we began one postgame, but ended halfway through.

today i picked up the medallion iget to wear for being an honors graduate. it's so lame. it's just a medalion, I WANT SASHES or CORDS or you know, whatever those things are called. E and I want to make our own. I also had a surprise run in with always adorable eric from 20th. I'll always have a crush on that kid, he's so cute!oh well. tomorrow cap and gown and tickets.

chicago friday. should be fun. roadtripping with tara, crashing with maya, seeing the tut exhibit, drinking in downtown chicago!


At 30.11.06, Blogger Amelia said...

don't worry, I found my shades.
as far as snow, i guess it is better to have thunderstorms than snow storms. I mean, i didn't have to scrape my car on tuesday, but I did get my feet soaked walking to class.

At 4.12.06, Blogger Amelia said...

there's a little bit of snow on the ground!!!!!!


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