There's no such thing as an appropriate joke


i just might say it tonight

you're wondering why I haven't blogged for a while?

well, life's boring. I'm a gonna bullshit this list now!

1) let me start by saying that, MY CAR IS FRICKIN SWEET, they did an amazing job!

2) I volunteered to drive to chicago

3) my excitement from the elections is gone

4) I'm a sucker to the star tribune. I canceled my subscription, and they called me thrice, but I didn't answer, then they mailed me and offered me seven-day delivery for 2.49 a week. I threw it away, the next day they called and offered me 1.75 a week! I had to take it, I mean that's how much just the sunday paper is, and they're delivering it to me everyfucking day for that price.

5) Piano lessons. Why didn't I take them? My mom's a piano teacher, and I had to not take lessons. was i trying to prove something? I wanna play, it's probably because I've been listening to so much

6) Scissor sisters. I bought a CD on saturday. first cd i've bought since rufus wainwright want two. I did get a free cd this summer, though. So I just plain had to buy tadah. annie and bridget both fell through with their "i'll burn you a copy" lies. So I made seventyfive in tips, and figured I had to go buy it, and just like before, they didn't have what I wanted at Know Name and the guy was unpleasant, so I went to CD warehouse. which sucks.

7) Law school. I am both pumped and freightened. It's like a lot of work and like a lot of money. And as far as I can tell I'm going to have to begin studying for the lsats in jan or feb. Because it's a bitch. At least that's what I found out at the meeting/workshop I went to today. It was extremely helpful. This is not something that I am going to fuck around with. I mean, I'm fairly certain that this is what I want to do with my life.
anywho, sure beats grad school, did you know they're completely reformatting the gre in june and only the reading section in the lsat is changing?

8) erin. just got back form her house. she's so funny. she's so adult and not at the same time. I mean, she's got a husband, her own place, money for decorating, etc. Yet she's so socialable and relatable to me, so not stuck up. And she's such a parent's girl. I'm glad she's going to law school hell right now to.


At 14.11.06, Blogger constant_k said...

Piano lessons are nice, I should take some more.

At 15.11.06, Blogger Amelia said...

me too

what a dumb ass I was


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