There's no such thing as an appropriate joke


train tracks

so i'm sure y'all know how much i love the tracks in my back yard.

and no, I am not being facetious! it's so soothing to have them right there.

anyway, i wanna go lay in the sun, but here are the two highlights from our night of smashing shit on the tracks. Btw, bottle caps work really well and look awesome smashed.

1) A passanger train went by!!!! A passanger train. It was about 1140, and a passanger train went by my backyard. It didn't smash anything, though. we had a key, bottle opener and lots of coins and none of them were smashed. but who cares, i waved at people.

2) In the area that is kinda our frontyard, kinda no-man's-land we found a stop sign! seriously, a stop sign!!! and we didn't deface anything or do anything illegal to obtain it. we just found it!


Amelia Amplified!

So as I was walking home today from work I saw an Erica Jong book out on the dollar rack, so of course I bought it. I read Fear of Flying last week for like gazillionth time. So in honor of finding another Izadora book, Parachutes and Kisses, and of course the memory of Kurt Vonnegut (on of my favorite authors ever!), I have developed a list of five books that will never be boring for me so I continously read them.

1) Fear of Flying. I didn't read this book until I was a freshman in college, and I think that I appreciated it so much more. At the time I had been going out with my boyfriend for a year and a half and he was beginning his struggle with depression, and everything that Isadora experienced, I also experienced. If not, so much of the book would be have meaningless to me. I, too, was scared to fly and break up with my boyfriend. But seriously, Jong's narratives are so fucking cool, she can relate everything together. And thank god for her psychiatrist husband, she can really psychoanalyze! Seriously, and woman who has been in a boring, longterm relationship should read this book! Plus Jong is just super smart and all her allusions and hope will wear off on you. And for the guys, there are some semihot sex scenes. On a sidenote, the discussion of Existentialism is really hot, too!

2) Siddhartha. Read it. please. you can do it in like an hour, and your whole week will be better. I just love taking the journey everywhere with Siddhartha. I mean, Hesse is awesome, and I know all his work is translated, but it still works absolutely perfectly. Maybe I'm just some dumb hippie chick, but I loved this book. It's a timeless cool book, will always have near

3) Into the Wild. This is another one of those books that you can read in one sitting. You literally can't stop, even though the book begins with Alex's death and works backwards, you fall in love with the prose of krakauer so fast! I love that he has broken narratives and swithces freely from his own point of view, to Alexander Supertramps. In one sitting this book makes you cry, shiver and laugh out loud. how fucking awesome is that?!?!

4) Dharma Bums. This book is a lot like my favorite book, Been Down So Long it Looks Like Up to Me, in that all its charm is in the syntax and vernacular. I don't know why I love that period, beatnik I guess, but I fucking love it. I even like beat poetry, and I'm not that big-of-a poetry person. I like the laughs it gives me, and I love how surreal the whole situation is, and how perfectly ideal, yet miserable their situation; the dichotomy of alternative lifestyle bleeds through the lines and I suck it up.

5) Lolita. I can't believe that book was written by a Russian! I know that he was raised in a multilingual household, but my god his vocabulary is superb. Nabakov can say these things that would sound like trite hyperbole anywhere else. I think the line about the "seas of ecru" is one of the best that I have ever read! The first time I sorta knew what was gonna happen, it wasn't really hidden, but the mansion scene was unexpected. The last time I read I was really able to grab a lot of details not looking for the large things.

Some other books I like to continously read are Letters to a Young Poet, anything Collette (although I own no Collette), Woodhouse, The Sun Also Rises, The Great Gatsby (thanks, Mom), Zorba the Greek, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and Rushdie.

I'm sorry to hear that Kurt Vonnegut died, but he was old and I know he wouldn't want us to mourn his loss too much. He's too much of an Epicuriean to want us to mourn him. He was and now he is no more. I was first turned on to vonnegut in eigth grade, or maybe seventh, when we read Harrison Bergeron. My mom was like "Oh I have the book that that story comes from" and then she gave me Welcome to the Monkeyhouse. And then I became a fan. and then she bought me like half of the books he ever wrote. and I read them, and I think MAX STILL HAS THEM. most I've read, but a couple I haven't. my favorites are Cat's Cradle, Sirens of Titan and some of his short works, they're so funny. Seriously, Vonnegut was cool throughout his entire lifetime, I loved Man Without a Country, too. He's always been a hipster requirement and always will be, just like the above mentioned Jack Kerouac and Hunter S. Thompson.


superlatives and pivotal choices

Yesterday was the day of 'ests.

two examples

1) Ani said that of all the asses at work, mine was the best to grab!

2) I found out that I am number one in Emily's phone!

Today is a day of decision.

I don't know if I wanna go to law school. I don't know what I want to do with the rest of my life, and am considering not even taking the lsats this summer. the only motive I have right now is that I told people I would go to law school and I don't want everything to think I am a big slacker. but to be honest, I just wanna work and travel for the next couple of years. and maybe go to grad school for archaeology, or library science. or anything. I'm only 21, should I really be a slave to the man forever?


I'm sorry

that I've been so lame lately.

I have little time to write now.

i just want to make a few car observations

1) having crank windows SUCKS. I can't roll down the passanger window at all, and it takes an extra hand and time to get my window. how am I supposed to yell witty things at people when I see them?

2) I'vebeen like seriously commuting while housesitting, and everyday I can't believe how many cars are on the road at the weirdest times, and rush housr starts at two, and there's like so many lanes of backed up cars. So I did some research, turns out the twin cities metro area is the fifteenth largest in the country. makes me ashamed. all we have is one fucking light rail line that goes from downtown to the airport and mall of america?

3) you need to have a car in minneapolis becauase when bands like Scissor Sisters come to town, they play at the myth, in MAPLEWOOD! maplewood, it's so far out there you can smoke in the bar! and they still have the balls to charge 1150 for rails! oh man, it's a huge night club, 6K capacity, in the parking lot of a kohls, best buy and ashley furniture store. Only worth it for the music. i wonder what brought all the non dancers out there?



Oh Mercy

So about the exhibit, either wayne and/or kristine also saw the bob dylan exhibit since they have many bob dylan cds on top of the cd player right now.early ones, too. so I put on some dylan, turned on the AWESOME LIGHTS and danced.

So anyway I am housesitting and this place is fucking awesome. here's a list of things I love about it, those color changing, multifunctional lights. in fact all the lights are pretty much bomb, there are a lot of colored bulbs or lamp shades. and lots of christmas lights that are on a lot and everywhere. There's a cleaning lady, a jacuzzi, a steamroom, a really cool tree in the frontyard, a ginormous side yardwith a pit and what not. across the street from the lake. I sat and read in the window seat looking at the gorgeous clouds. it's a short drive to work. it's fucking gorgeous! there's a bus that goes by! there's a mac wireless network, however the big iMac downstairs has to be on.

things I don't like. there are coffee beans, but no grinder?!?! I assumed there was since I saw those beans, so I bought whole beans at whole foods today. yes, whole foods because it is so fucking close. there are spiders on the ceiling, seriously, plural, but the ceilings are so damn high I can't kill them. It's a really big house that makes noises. and there is a lot of traffic because there are like three roads around this things. and it's really windy, that's why that tree is so cool.

on another note, I woke up today, looked up and saw a picture of my friend aleck above the bed! I wonder how Aleck knows adriana. I've known him from the dorms, and she's a grade below us and goes to sarah lawrence. perhaps high school. that would make sense, they are both minneapolis natives.

So last night I went out with hamil again to mortimers., again, that place is so GHETTO. there was one fan there waiting for us, and he as awkward, he said he got from lake and harriet in like twenty minutes. yeah right. and he called hamil hamilton. and he was wearing a dirty starter, a jolly rogers had, a skull pin, dark old glasses, and really new, clean shoes. and he gave me his business card that he said was homemade, but when i began to put it in my pocket, he took it from me and said he doesn't let people keep it. so what's the point then?

so my mom asked me recently if I would hookup with the mac guy or the pc guy. and i thought a little about it and said mac. because mac has that hipster, laid back, short with long hair type. but isn't that interesting.and Mom knows I have a thing for funny, chubby, nerdy guys. and damnit, the wit and brains of john hodgman are too awesome. seriously, the area of my expertise was too fucking funny. and then i read him in wired today and fell in love with it.

speaking of nerdy guys, I was introduced to weird al's white and nerdy today. because ridin dirty became a theme that I shared both with sam and lynnea this summer.

man, i just saw a hot TARGET ad, hott. they are so genius.

So as you all should know we've been getting some press lately at al's, and now kstp and the strib are going to do us. chanell five comes in on friday, and unfortunately I work that day. and of course we're going to do theme day! so the theme is outsdoors and I will take any costume suggestions, again, i'll be a local celebrity NOT on public access! so far I have boots, canteen, cargo vest, DUH, straw hat, map, dun glasses, flash light? high socks. please, all these things are only ideas. i'm open to suggestions. and i think that this week busty, harry and ani will be dressing up, too. last week ani and I were the only ones to dress up, and I was deemed not a fairy tale chaaracter because I was maria from the sound of music. and sure, she had the holocaust thing, and it's a real story, but it was a fairytal!


The Bob Dylan Exhibit


I had to go, it's in a frank gehry museum, done by the emp (a less cool frank gehry museum) and free.
I wasn't expecting much seeing as I wasn't alive during 65 to 75, but still left feeling really cool. It began with a lot of photos and information about hibbing, that was added specifically for the minnesota audience, which was sorta cool. I did grow up close to the pits, the crosby pits. some cool photos, and it confirmed my belief about the lack of jews in Brainerd.

anywho, i really like the dinkytown part, because of course I work and live there. well maybe i don't live there, I live in the SE como neighborhood, across the tracks from dinkytown. they had records from spider john koerner and others up, that asshole matt's dad. well matt's not that much of an asshole, but kinda he is. you love and hate him at the same time. which brings me to al's, my beloved place of employment. they had a menu up from 62, and it was almost exactly the same. the same handwriting and everything. the prices had bareley changed. ham went from 105 to 150, and omlettes have increased in 70 cents over 40 years.

anywho, after all the minnesota stuff they have all this new york stuff, albums with listening rooms, etc.and you'll feel so cool after you see it.

I especially liked the documentary outtakes they had of him on video. there is one of him in London in the mid 60s, and his minnesota humor just shines through. he arranged a sign saying we pick up, clip and bathe your dog, a number and cigarettes. he rearranged it so many ways and times that it became comical. like I said, us northern minnesotans have to find humor somehow.

and monster truck rallies are not the place for that. i went to one this weekend and the only good part was that max, sam, wayne and carter were with me. I routed for this one truck, brutus because of his name, and the fact that the driver's name was bergeron; harrison bergeron is what turned me into a vonnegut fan in seventh grade! and he was from minnesota/

as is the incrediebly sexy prince. seriously, could he be hotter????????/ I mean, I still wanna do himand he's like in his forties or something. his superbowl performance was goodconsidering what it was. a bunch of covers, and then his lame, old ballad purple rain. nothing from 3121, an awesome album which is totally family friendly. but his dancing, suit and phallic silhoutte all make up for it. it really was raining too, which makes it better.

but back here in minneapolis it has been snowing and being really fucking cold for like the past three weeks. suddenly our nice, warm winter went wrong, it was the winters I remember from being a kid. it's been so cold that I could not wash my car until yesterday because the doors would freeze shut. my cool new jetta. thanks, mom and dad! and I began to bike. my bike lock was not working, so I assumed it was the cold, and was forced to leave it outside with icicles hanging on it for weeks. so it was so nice I wanted to ride yesterday, but discovered the problem was the key, not the lock. so my bike was exposed for all that time for no reason.

and now I can't bike from como to dinkytown because I begin housesitting on Cedar Lake today. the house is fucking amazing, but far away from everything. and no buses run. it's almost in st louis park for fuck sake!

so i hear all these songs on commercials and it continues to dissapoint me. like badly drawn boy or the femmes, and it makes me wonder who owns this music?

oh, and when I saw Juna on sunday my whole "I don't wanna have kids" thing changed. they're too damn cute!


Valentine's day

Sorry that I have not posted for a while!

So one thing that I have really been thinking about are the acts of these mega church assholes, like haggard or the brooklyn park guy. It's so scary that people blindly follow these hypocritical, lying weasels and not their messages, or the Bible.
So Ted Haggard is straight, how good for him. I'm sure you all know about him
In case you're not a Minneapolis resident oe Star Tribune reader, read this to find out what I am talking about. So this pastor, Mac Hammond, did some sketchy stuff with the IRS and bought a yacht and shit. That's fine, but what really irked me was his justification of designer suits. His justification was that he feels better in nice suits, and preaches better, so he's really doing it for the congregation. I shit you not, he said "So really I'm doing it for you." The sad part is that people believe him and said amen after this. What a scary abuse of power based on Christianity. As you know I find the idea of God and Christ laughable, but have always appreciated christianity because of its message of compassion and redemption, but then i find this shit.

anyway, what else is new. I am about to house sit out on Cedar lake in a house with a jacuzzi and steam room. and awesome living area.

we lost at scrabble on tuesday

i had three plansfor valentine's day and broke them all! how fucking lame.

i'm making good money at al's and bought a 320 coat for 85 last night.

I'm switching to a diva cup.

I need to go home and see my mom, she keeps telling me that!

I'm going to my first monster truck rally on saturday. I have never been to one, and don't particularly want to go to this, but will because it's important to my cousin and I'll get to spend quality time with people that I love. It's also at the metrodome, and I'll go there for any reason before they tear it down. After all, I am paying for it because i live in goddamn hennepin county.

I got a new car, kinda, too. My daddy has my car in San Deigo, where he got a new job as a travel nurse for the next nine months. long story but he bought a new hyundai, but thought it was a sketchy deal, so drove my 99 corolla to providence to pack up, and then to san deigo. he managed to crash it, put over 5000 miles on it, and get two tickets! he loves it, and says he's in no hurry to trade back. So mom now has the hyundai and I have her old, 96 Jetta. I love the jetts for three reasons, it has a moonroof, it's a stick shift and it's purple! My mom was in love with that car, me not so much, but i do think it's pretty pimp. Like my new hair cut!

I have also begun LSAT preparation. I can't decide where I want to go to law school. Part of me wants to be a hippie, tree hugger lawyer and go to school on the west coast, like washington or oregon. part of me wants to do economic law at boston university. god damn, why can't i figure it out.

Also, I just interviewed for a position at st paul schools, and it almost killed me!!!!! I literally had no idea what to do with the math section; I don't know what a regression line is, and have no idea how to figure out the volume of a cylinder. I haven't done math since high school, and boy did it show.

so now off for lunch and another job interview. peace out.
sorry for the limited, lame posts lately.



So what's been new in the life of Amelia?

She's one broke ass bitch!
Looking for a job, but being very picky about it.
She dreams of making out with stephen colbert and enjoys beyonce very much!

Okay, So I'll do a tip of the hat and wag of the finger with my crush of the week.

Tip of the hat to

1) Hamil. Graham and I met him last night at a really ghetto bar, mortimer's. He's kinda awkward, but probably a great guy. He has a hot girlfriend and gay friend, and something weird on his teeth. but don't we all sometimes?

2)IKEA. what a great store, why haven't i been shopping there for years? I mean, it's so cheap. I was there once before and we spent hours there but bought nothing. With kaddy I just did the quick walk through, which is still long, and bought a lot of shit for 23 bucks. What I got was two non-stice frying pans, a bright pink candle set with four different kind of candles to match my new sheets, eight bowls and seven plates! omg

3) Bravo Burrito. What a killer burrito! no kididng. I should make buritos that are that fucking awesome! I went without cheese on mine since it was cheddar (ewwww!!) and twice they came out and asked me if I wanted sour cream! I'm no longer a vegan, but I really appreciated the concern!

4) my new jetta. well it's not new and it may not be mine forever. But it's mine for quite a while. It's part of the wholy DAD CRASHED MY CAR scandal that i've been dealing with now. basically right now I have my mom's old pimped out jetta. seriously, it's a purple painted, tinted, lowrider with a subwoofer that takes up half the trunk. not to mention it has a moonroof! AND it's a fivespeed. It's so nice to drive a stick again after having the toyota for the past year and a half.

Wag of the finger to

1) this god damn cold weather! fuck it's cold. like way cold

2) the varsity for their poor planning on everything in the world. i really wanted to go and see dance band but i couldn't.

3) Nochee and that stupid fucking painter motherfucker and frank zappa asshole they had. I mean, I already paid ten bucks to see some old, overrated pervert playing the trumpet. but the artist who performed during their concert was the worst of all. His art was all naked chicks or "really deep and symbolic" I mean, it had like stars of davids andcrosses next to each other on a tripped out background. Talk about a profound juxtaposition..........NOT

4) myspace. i rejoined and I think I need to requit. it's so lame and nothing like facebook. I like that everyone has the same profile in facebook. you can't put up annoying songs and wallpaper, you can easily search for your friends, send messages without saying yes like three times, you can't rank your friends, not everyone can see your profile, etc. it's lame as fuck. and i only have like three friends, one of which is the founder guy

And finally my crush of the week. I'd have to say the vute new pianist from my old roomie's band, sol spectre. he's young, talented as all fuck and sweet!


I'm so stressed out right now.

I need a new job.

I LOVE working at al's. It seems that I should do canvassing since I'm not qualified enough for a good serving job, don't wanna nanny in goddamn wayzata or excelsior or lakeville and won't quit my daytime job.

I want something easy with good cash like online surveys or selling my eggs, but both require way toomuch shit. I don't wanna take hormones to sell my eggs and all these online survey things either require a membership fee and sound iffy, or you have to register for something, like singles.net or blockbuster or something.

I applied for a job at the downtown luce, a job I think i am more than qualified for, but got nothing. I blew it on some other ones and am just plain lazy these days. I'm applying for teach for america and a fewother ones. I'm almost ready to be like jill and just work at al's.

I spend hours on careerbuilder and craigslist. and all the entry level things are full timeor in the suburbs. maybe i'm being too picky about this no suburb thing, but effin aye, i don't wanna commute to the burbs. I like biking, walking and busing to work!

that is the best place to work. Doug is pretty much the best boss ever. as are allison and jay. I get to work with jay all day on saturday, yeah! I can only hope to be like Doug someday, so laid back, happy and with a great attitude about work. but fuck, I can't,i'm pissed off and stubborn like my dad.

and he crashed my car and has NO social skills at all.


So wow, what have I been up to. let's do a tip of the hat, wag of the finger

A tip of the hat to

1) Tara. She's amazing. and we travel really well together! We went to chicago to see the king tut exhibit. But we blew it on tickets and none were available until the first of january. and we had to be back by then. so we went anyway. and had a blast. she's one of those makes-her-own-fun kind of type. I think it's a small town thing, where you have to do that shit to have fun. and we get along so amazingly well, we never quarreled or got sick of each other! we ended up getting snowed in chicago for new years and had a great time anyway. It was best when we pregamed and read peoples at cj's. the train ride was also amazing. and of course the exhibit was sold out on the first by the time we figured out we would be there. here's us at the bean

2) Mark, the audience coordinator of the Colbert Report. And zalex, the messiah guys, mackie and her dad. it's a long story and we should have been in there, but no, we were really fucked over. anyway, some guy was a real asshole about it, but mark was great! we took pictures with him and he gave us some posters. they say it's what lincoln would have watched and stephen is on top of a mountain with clouds at his feet and an eagle about to land on his arm. here's a pic of him with lynnea and I and one of Zalex and I.

3) Me. I graduated! here's a picture. And to anyone who came to my celebration! you guys are great

4) Wayne. we had a great time hanging out when sarina was in town. we went dancing, drinking, etc. and he's effin awesome! no pic. sorry.

5) Pawlenty. I know, this is shocking, but he's been taking a lot of heat because he wants to insure every child in minnesota. I guess he's no longer a conservative, at least according to the idiot kersten he's not. All these culture of life assfucks who want to be pro-life because children are precious and what not, but don't want the children to be in good health and also don't want to give their mothers any assistance, making it so children have no parental figures or insurance. Also, a small tip to arnold in california for a similiar proposal./ I can't say more since I know little about it.

6) Graham and defeathamil.net! We did it, we beat hamil. we got to use all seven letters on a triple word score! the word was HIPNESS. does it get any more hip than that? on tuesdays the revolution will be televised.

Wag of the finger to

1) My dad. So he fucked me over royally on this trip thrice. once in not coming back. then in taking one of my drivers and now trying to get out of paying for my new battery after he told he would. that fucker.

2) Minnesota and theire insanelt dumb alcohol laws. I'msorry to sound like a wino, but come the fuck on. It took going to chicago and then nyc to really realize how insane we are about drinking here in minnesota. in chicago liquor stores are open until late, bars until four, you can drink on the trains, in theatres, you can byob to restaurants, buy wine in grocery stores, etc. Same in new york, you can buy beer at the corner store, not get carded, drink all night long, etc.

3) global warming and terrorism. So I was in new york for a record high of 72 and a natural gas leak which was deemed a terrorist attack by some nutty rightwing fucks. and that motherfucker from the colbert report. I wanna kick his ass. not mark, he's awesome!

4) the empire state building. don't ever go there. please. it takes hours (literally) to get up there. on the way you are subjected to many advertisiments and attempts to get you to buy audio tours which pitched like "It only takes two minutes to see the view and you won't appreciate it if you don't know what you're looking at" then a photographer takes your photo, seriously, a real person even though I was half cut off, and they print out photos for you to buy on the way down, which is so incrediebly wasteful. I can't even believe it. the view is pretty sweet, though, and you're outside.

Highlight of each trip

Chicago, the el! by far. getting wasted on the el was so much fun. here are some encounters I had. Tara and I are walking through all the cars for fun. Some guy says "let me get that door for you, I'm fromrussia, we make trains...... I just got out of jail" then he collapsed on the floor and talked to someone else.
I'm trying to steal a tut poster. it's not working. a big black guy comes up to me, whips out a knife and gets the poster down for me. 1200 new years some people drink champagne with us and tara and I kiss on the train. I try to open the conductor door accidentely, he comes out and personally wishes us a happy new year. we run into some guys in a perfectly clean and crisp cubs uniform who is waiting the 69 days until game one. some guy is talking to us, a teacher, joking about how he sells crack to his students, i say you don't even know, drugs are bad.

New york. hard to tell, new york was fun, but nowhere near as awesome as chicago. Maybe the gorgeous day I spent in the park. or the tiffany exhibit. or the americans in paris that I missed in boston this summer. or walking around by myself in downtown. I love to do that. I've been to nyc thrice now since 9/11 and I still have no interest in seeing ground zero, is there something wrong with me?

and finally crush of the week. Matt, without a doubt. he stole me flowers and he's a criminal defense law student at william mitchell. could it be better than that? more on him later.....


hey guys. I want you to know I've been really super busy all days since gradation. but don't worry, i've also been going out with friends now that i don't have homework.

I'm out of town for the next few weeks, so don't expect to hear from me.

peace out



whoever decided that wearing sweatpantsand uggs was fashionable sucks. a lot. i mean, we should not encourage people to wear sweat pants. it just looks lazy and reflects our sedentary lifestyle too much. i mean there's this girl in class right now who obviously spent a lot of time on makeup and hair, and then just decided to put on sweatpantsand uggs. I miss living in europe. i love the fact that everyone wore skinny jeans, heels and walked everywhere. oh man. just showing that they spent time in their outfits was a signifier of their pride and desire to show their interest in couture, not to just be lazy and put on sweatpants.

I, too, could be considered a hypocrit. Even though i would never be caught dead in sweatpants outside of my house, I don't bother with shaving my legs and rarely do makeup. of course i think this is just the fact that I am currently not getting laid and it's december. i mean this summer, when i had no dresscode at work and a sexlife, i did take care to shave because I was wearing short dresses and getting laid. anywho, that's just a little rant of mine.

on another note, i wish that I had cable! just so i can watch the colbert report! that and project runway are the only shows I would watch on cable, of course with graduation coming up, that is not true. I wanna marry stephen colbert. I'm going to go to the show when i'm in NYC. more on my trip later!

okay. anyway, what else was i going to blog about?

maybe my ghetto experiences this week. dinkytowner, nomad and big vee's. nomad was by far the most ghetto. nile was threatened and i was touched by this guy all the time.

OH YEAH, me. i was going to write about me.
So last night I was just walking to my office to get a book during lecture of the class I TA for. anyway, there I was walking around the tunnel on the west bank. I realized I live on campus. seriously, I'm there all the time. I am a student, research assistant and teaching assistant. i'mone of those people always on campus. I have an office, even. It's all I know. the entire time that I have lived in minneapolis I have either been in class, or working on campus. and that's all about to end. i don't know what to do. I wanna stay in the university life! I need to talk to katie and see if I can get funding and keep my research assistant job. I will be taking the LSAT prep course in the spring.

I also started podcasting this week. I downloaded the ricky gervais show and savage love. eh and LOVED it. seriously. why is my life so gay oriented right now?

So right now I am in my Islam class. the topic is is it justified to call all muslims terrorists. gee, let me think about this. fuck this guy.

After this I have to go debate in my moral problems class, the resolution, which I am negating, is be it resolved that we owe reparations for the victims of the current conflict in iraq. this idiot girl in my group uses logic like this "how can we give reparations when all they do is blow each other up." I would hope anyone in a good, four year school like the U would not say something like that.


Almond Joys and coffee.

Hey y'all. I wanna give a shot out!

I did lots of cool shit this week, check it out, from the notebook:

1) Mraz, oh yeah. these chicks behind me were all excited for a party where they watch a jason mraz dvd! these are weird friends, they always sit with a seat between them! It's somuch nicer to be next to your friends. it makes notepassing much easier.

2)pottery. I got to handle the walker and weisman's archaic pottery. that's right, 27oo year old pottery. and one supposed fake, at the weisman on thursday for my hellenestic course.Fred's always so convinced it's a fake. you could totally feel the difference in weight though. There was an incident involving a table and

3) Frank Gehry. the curator woman was like "you have to be careful, if you rest weight on one part of the table it will collapse, it's happened before" and fred responded with "I thought gehry designed these tables." Turns out he was correct, it was designed by frank gehry and that it did indeed suck and tip over.

4) Chicago. I should have been there this weekend. Instead I was here on accounts it snowwed everywhere in the midwest except for minneapolis. milwaukess and chicago were horrible, so we canceled. we better reschedule. I mean, man. come on.

5) Mark trail. it's been like those sunday ones in the week. with the animal special. I'm so glad Molly is ok.

6) Cap and gown. I bought my cap and gown and picked up my honors medallion. wow.

7) employe discount. Because I am an employee of the state of minnesota, I get an employee discount at sprint. how awesome is that!

8) car stealing. tara's boyfriend's car was stolen at the jimmy johns on west bank this week. how random is that. caught right away, i hear.

9)pottery. I went to ben's pottery thing on saturday and bought $25 worth of two really cool mugs. can't decide if I should keep them or gift them.

10) groovilates. fucking awesome. so much fun. dancing pilates. how cool is that. back a little sore, though.

11) 3-in-1. I just got a combination scanner, fax, printer, copier frommy boss. with a bunch of ink! I need to go get some cords from the lab, though.

12) Duffy's. went there for the first timeon friday. good pizza.

13) Bridget's car. it brokedown in my driveway and she had to get it towed!

14) Hermaphrodites. In class on thursday our discussion was on eroticism in sculpture and we were looking at the hermaphrodites. Fred, a smart guy, seemed to doubt the existence of hermaphrodites. He said he once read one article, and acted like it was the only one. then tara new the code and ameera supported it, along with some others. and meghan, the sassy vest girl, was like "well they also did unicorns." Oh no they di'n't! not the greeks, am I right, as she would say.

15) Nudity. andrew says there is something inherentely erotic in nudity. I disagree. that's that.

16) I ate two little almond joys at work today. they are so my favorite. that and mounds, both great. so mich better with the coconut!!!!!


what's wrong with me?
I seem to be doing just well with no sleep.
I mean this going three or four days w/ little sleep is usually fine for like three days and then me crashing.
Now it's been many days w/ little sleep. I didn't even sleep well in Brainerd. I never do.

Man I wish it would snow! Today was the first real cold day. The first day for long johns! that's for sure. Today was not a good day. I got up to go to Al's. and I couldn't find my shadesand then not my keys. then i found keys but not shades that I wanted. then my bike lock wouldn't work! I shit you not, the key would not turn all the way, so I ran down the street, saw the bus and darted for it. I made it on time, ate at work, learned how to cook, got Harry to commit to making me a vegetarian dinner,tooksomeglasses from the lost and found that say NAVAL RESERVE on them. I hope todd or the nra guy left them. or the asshole cop who wanted a discount?!?!?!?!

what's wrong this picture? Well I have at least two and possibly three more of shades, one for my back pack and one for car. the bp one wasn't there and I dind't want to get my car pair. and the thrid pair, somelame pink ones are lost, i guess. like my favorite sweatshirt, the kaxe one I loaned to someone and NEVER GOT BACK (give it to me!!!!!) and my lock mayve cuz it was like twenty degrees.

anywho the lack of snow. We haven't had any yet in minneapolis. none.
I watched some of the damn packers game at adam's on monday night and there was SNOW. I was so jealous, seattle gets snow? Then I saw pics of a friend on facebook at school out there, she was sledding in the snow!!!!! It's just that as long as it's gonna be in the twenties and me not able to ride bike to school, there might as well be snow because it's so pleasing to the eyes.

and what, am i going to have to stop riding because my lock won't work in the cold!!! Oh well, I guess I will be getting my sixty dollars worth on the buspass afterall!

and graham made it through to TST on tuesday! Finally, for two weeks emily, dane and i had tried and it never ever worked! oh no. last callers, too. and we won on the superfast round, not special jeapordy though. we began one postgame, but ended halfway through.

today i picked up the medallion iget to wear for being an honors graduate. it's so lame. it's just a medalion, I WANT SASHES or CORDS or you know, whatever those things are called. E and I want to make our own. I also had a surprise run in with always adorable eric from 20th. I'll always have a crush on that kid, he's so cute!oh well. tomorrow cap and gown and tickets.

chicago friday. should be fun. roadtripping with tara, crashing with maya, seeing the tut exhibit, drinking in downtown chicago!

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