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whoever decided that wearing sweatpantsand uggs was fashionable sucks. a lot. i mean, we should not encourage people to wear sweat pants. it just looks lazy and reflects our sedentary lifestyle too much. i mean there's this girl in class right now who obviously spent a lot of time on makeup and hair, and then just decided to put on sweatpantsand uggs. I miss living in europe. i love the fact that everyone wore skinny jeans, heels and walked everywhere. oh man. just showing that they spent time in their outfits was a signifier of their pride and desire to show their interest in couture, not to just be lazy and put on sweatpants.

I, too, could be considered a hypocrit. Even though i would never be caught dead in sweatpants outside of my house, I don't bother with shaving my legs and rarely do makeup. of course i think this is just the fact that I am currently not getting laid and it's december. i mean this summer, when i had no dresscode at work and a sexlife, i did take care to shave because I was wearing short dresses and getting laid. anywho, that's just a little rant of mine.

on another note, i wish that I had cable! just so i can watch the colbert report! that and project runway are the only shows I would watch on cable, of course with graduation coming up, that is not true. I wanna marry stephen colbert. I'm going to go to the show when i'm in NYC. more on my trip later!

okay. anyway, what else was i going to blog about?

maybe my ghetto experiences this week. dinkytowner, nomad and big vee's. nomad was by far the most ghetto. nile was threatened and i was touched by this guy all the time.

OH YEAH, me. i was going to write about me.
So last night I was just walking to my office to get a book during lecture of the class I TA for. anyway, there I was walking around the tunnel on the west bank. I realized I live on campus. seriously, I'm there all the time. I am a student, research assistant and teaching assistant. i'mone of those people always on campus. I have an office, even. It's all I know. the entire time that I have lived in minneapolis I have either been in class, or working on campus. and that's all about to end. i don't know what to do. I wanna stay in the university life! I need to talk to katie and see if I can get funding and keep my research assistant job. I will be taking the LSAT prep course in the spring.

I also started podcasting this week. I downloaded the ricky gervais show and savage love. eh and LOVED it. seriously. why is my life so gay oriented right now?

So right now I am in my Islam class. the topic is is it justified to call all muslims terrorists. gee, let me think about this. fuck this guy.

After this I have to go debate in my moral problems class, the resolution, which I am negating, is be it resolved that we owe reparations for the victims of the current conflict in iraq. this idiot girl in my group uses logic like this "how can we give reparations when all they do is blow each other up." I would hope anyone in a good, four year school like the U would not say something like that.


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