There's no such thing as an appropriate joke


Almond Joys and coffee.

Hey y'all. I wanna give a shot out!

I did lots of cool shit this week, check it out, from the notebook:

1) Mraz, oh yeah. these chicks behind me were all excited for a party where they watch a jason mraz dvd! these are weird friends, they always sit with a seat between them! It's somuch nicer to be next to your friends. it makes notepassing much easier.

2)pottery. I got to handle the walker and weisman's archaic pottery. that's right, 27oo year old pottery. and one supposed fake, at the weisman on thursday for my hellenestic course.Fred's always so convinced it's a fake. you could totally feel the difference in weight though. There was an incident involving a table and

3) Frank Gehry. the curator woman was like "you have to be careful, if you rest weight on one part of the table it will collapse, it's happened before" and fred responded with "I thought gehry designed these tables." Turns out he was correct, it was designed by frank gehry and that it did indeed suck and tip over.

4) Chicago. I should have been there this weekend. Instead I was here on accounts it snowwed everywhere in the midwest except for minneapolis. milwaukess and chicago were horrible, so we canceled. we better reschedule. I mean, man. come on.

5) Mark trail. it's been like those sunday ones in the week. with the animal special. I'm so glad Molly is ok.

6) Cap and gown. I bought my cap and gown and picked up my honors medallion. wow.

7) employe discount. Because I am an employee of the state of minnesota, I get an employee discount at sprint. how awesome is that!

8) car stealing. tara's boyfriend's car was stolen at the jimmy johns on west bank this week. how random is that. caught right away, i hear.

9)pottery. I went to ben's pottery thing on saturday and bought $25 worth of two really cool mugs. can't decide if I should keep them or gift them.

10) groovilates. fucking awesome. so much fun. dancing pilates. how cool is that. back a little sore, though.

11) 3-in-1. I just got a combination scanner, fax, printer, copier frommy boss. with a bunch of ink! I need to go get some cords from the lab, though.

12) Duffy's. went there for the first timeon friday. good pizza.

13) Bridget's car. it brokedown in my driveway and she had to get it towed!

14) Hermaphrodites. In class on thursday our discussion was on eroticism in sculpture and we were looking at the hermaphrodites. Fred, a smart guy, seemed to doubt the existence of hermaphrodites. He said he once read one article, and acted like it was the only one. then tara new the code and ameera supported it, along with some others. and meghan, the sassy vest girl, was like "well they also did unicorns." Oh no they di'n't! not the greeks, am I right, as she would say.

15) Nudity. andrew says there is something inherentely erotic in nudity. I disagree. that's that.

16) I ate two little almond joys at work today. they are so my favorite. that and mounds, both great. so mich better with the coconut!!!!!


At 6.12.06, Anonymous pedxing2317 said...

ask andrew if the naked shivering incarcerated jews in schindler's list were erotic....

At 7.12.06, Blogger Amelia said...


good one, ped!


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