There's no such thing as an appropriate joke


I'm at this point in my life where I can be expected to find my own passport, ride, tent, etc for winnipeg, but when it comes down to things like sunscreen and towels, my mom can be relied on. well, maybe not for towels, but I can handle that. I like that I own my car, but can still depend on my dad to pay off any major repairs.

I am also about to consolidate my loans, pay off a lot of my debt and go to law school in 1.5 years. doesn't that sound like a killer idea?

I went with Lynnea to the closing of her bike art show last night and it was fucking lame. It was a non-status competition. It was like, who is the most bohemian artist here? Everyone was wearing dirty clothes that showed off their knee scrapes and blood. I could see they're not down with the whole white-collar-gallery thing, but they had their own little heirarchy. So they accomplished absolutely nothing, and showed that they did clearly still believe in judging people by their appearances and dress. I was by far the cutest dressed there! seriously, i had on my pink microskirt, black leggings and a black t shirt. and a pink hairpiece, earrings and pink lipgloss. not gonna lie, looked better than 95% of the people there. how cool is that.


This weekend at my mom's house. saturday. PDP. that's the TLA for Prince Dance Party, in case you're not down.
y'all is invitied, see.
beer to be enjoyed, and a Jehovah's Witness to be funked to.

see, the MPLS folk who read this blog are invited to come home with me this weekend! I have lots of room at my house



So lynnea, sarah and hopefully still erin and I are all cycling together.
I have always been amazed by this capability. I like that girls bodies do cycle together. and if sarah and i are already cycling together, hopefully emily will join in when the three of us are living together in one month. There will be about four days when no one will want to come over unless they have chocolate for us. but that's ok. we'll all just have to be really annoyed with one another.

that also explain why I was so determined to finish painting my room this weekend. the urge is now gone, luckily. I'll leave it. it looked like crap when I moved in, so I don't really feel that bad about it at all. and I'll leave some paint behind. I am not touching that bead board ceiling. especially when all my stuff is in there. I am always really into cleaning when I am pre menstraul, I should have suspected.

On another note, Brownie's is closed. This is a sketch looking restaurant in the middle of the warehouse district between my house and target on stinson. I always meant to go there on accounta I like little ma and pa grease factories like that. It was only about five blocks from my house, so I have no excuse not to have been, but I haven't, and it's too late. too late indeed. damn. There is a cute little shop in front of it now, called Jim and Willis The Flower Guys. how fucking adorable is that.

speaking of which, I watched some queer eye last night. It was a gay guy, Queer eye is not for the gay guy, but the straight guy. man, no wonder i stopped watching that show, it got so lame and family friendly. luckily kyan is still a major hunk. probably the hottest guy on tv right now. not gonna lie.


dear abby

yes, three days now and no dear abby! it's been hard, but I am glad I did it. I think we should ditch her for help me harlan!


first things first. me of course! i'm my favorite subject. So i've found to come that I can not depend on Tom's for deodarant, and I should stick to the stone. However, the combination of Tom's Sandalwood and my sweat is very pleasing to me. I'm sure Freud would have something to say about that. it's not quite the same as loving the smell of your own farts, but sweat is pretty gross, and i don't like the way it smells usually. So yes, I smell pleasnat right now, a combo of Tom and I working together. Sometimes I wonder why I use tom's toothpaste, it certainly doesn't whiten my teeth, and you all know how much I like white teeth. and all ascetics, really.

Secondly, good week next week. Here's why first of all, I'll be in winnipeg! and I got my period yesterday morning, so I don't have to deal with that while I am camping, as I have for the past couple of years. And then next week is when the u of m farmer's market starts, and the new season of project runway! HA HA HA. how great is that.

and third, but not least important, is erik. I am so confused by him and what he is like. he puts me to shame when it comes to things like social responsibility and consumer responsibility. I like to say that I am just a product of my environment and am relatively helpless, which is true to some extent. He will have none of that, it seems like, and is careful in his purchases as far as I can tell. But he lets himself fall victim to our violent society. I am basing this off of the fact that he said he would get satisfaction out of punching someone in the face for fucking him over 50 bucks. And I don't think he was being facetious. I mean, I would never have the urge to punch someone in the face. and it was a rather huge turnoff for me. in fact I can't think of a bigger turn off than violence. so we both have morals and responsibilites we feel that we need to fulfill, but in two different areas.


misc shit

so here's this week's stuff

A tip of the hat to

1) seward cafe. I had a really nice, three hour long brunch there yesterday with mama and her friends. we sat outside for hours and yakked and drank coffee. even though none of the matthews park people were there, they still chose that place for some reason. damn, for 21 years I've been going there, and I still haven't had a bad experience

2) Works For Me. It's this group of richers who want to pay more in income taxes because they think it's the socially responsible thing to do. They have noblesse oblige. Crazy.

3) CS Lewis. I read mere christianity yesterday in the sun, and I loved it. he can make these great profound philosophical arguments available to the common man

4) Dare I say gruman? a name I don't like so much, but I was looking for something to read last week and I cam across this book lucky jim. i remembered that it was his favorite book, so I got it and read it. it was great!!!!!!!!!! damn him and his impeccably good taste.

Wag of the finger

1) Mark Trail! I mean I do have a love-hate relationship with them, but do they still have to be so stereotypical towards women?

2) Being ill. it's so lame. I was long overdue though. It was kinda nice to have an excuse to stay in bed all day on saturday though.

3) annie and don. what does it take to get a voicemail or text returned these days. at least don stopped by on saturday to make up for his being so lame.

4) lynnea and sarah, for putting me in the middle of this stupid tiff they have.

so my crush of the week is erik. he already got crush of the week once, but he deserves it again since he's really all i can think of right now. you see he's more than my crush at this point, but i'm not quite sure what. I guess he's this guy I see sometimes. or just a friend with benefits, but no, more than that I guess. I have no idea where we are going, but we definetely have an expiration date, and i'm fine with that. it makes out short time together this summer even more special. we're so poorly matched, yet both really into each other. I spend my days blogging and listening to Of Montreal on my iPod and he spends his day skateboarding and listening to Tool and shit, but we still click. and he's really hot. and he has great hair, i must say.


i am curerntly really into early 20th century british literature, just so you all know. what good shit!

so today I had a three hour brunch with the mom, cousin and mom's friends at the seward. it reminded me of being a child again. so much of my childhood was spent in the matthew's park and seward neighboorhood. good girl talk,

but what I came on here to blog about was a new resolution I am making today. NO MORE DEAR ABBY. she sucks so much, i can't even believe it. but instead of bitching about with my mom, i am not even going to read her anymore. her advice is so lame, so utterly lame. she doesn't even bother to actually give people good or sound advice, she just tells them to go to another servie, have a heart-to-heart or just tells them what they want to hear. she doesn't analyze situations or deal with roots of problems at all, she only directly tells the writer what their next step of action should be. she clearly never asks experts for their advice. let's look at an example from a few weeks ago. A woman wrote in about the frustration she was having over her aunt's snoopiness. Abby didn't bother to think about anything that may have led to the woman's snooping, and simply suggested the woman just stop inviting her aunt over. Clearly the woman still wanted to have her aunt at functions, and therefore wrote to Abby for her advice. Abby never considered that the aunt had a psychological problem, was maybe suffering from alzheimers, and didn't encourage open dialogue between the family members. luckily abby is able to admit she is wrong sometimes and does print negative responses to her column sometimes.

btw, help me harlan is great, but it's one of those things that the pioneer press has, and not the strib, like foxtrot, zippy the pinhead and sylvia.


being a dumbass

i made quite the fool of myself in front of my incrediebly hot crush last night. I did the obvious tell how well i know como and then walk too far down the alley, i also told him how awesome my immune system is, and now i feel sick

the really bad thing i did was tell him that i want to make money in life so that I can dress well. that is completely true. then he asked if i had any morals, which i was shocked at. i didn't really feel like defending myself, so he probably thinks that I am a horrible person now. so what if i want to dress well, anyway. i can do lots of other things. and it's not like you need money to really do what you think is the right thing. the only person who could understand this is judy, my BFF. she wants to be a clothing designer, but hates how elitist it is and how poor people can't afford great clothes. I wish that there was some sort of clothing line that used domestic labor, or at least living-wage-workers, was totally adorable and affordable to jane doe. but i won't even try to do that, since i know that could never happen.

but that was a little side rant. and i don't ever feel like organizing these posts, it's my little rant anyway.

as you know, i've done a lot of politically and socially correct things. I founded an anti war student group at Brainerd High School, I was an active member of BACP, have done campaigning for the environment, fought mercury poisining, worked my ass off for six months straight to get kerry eleceted, did so much get out the vote stuff it's ridiculous. It's true that my days of activism are no longer what they used to be, but let me explain. when i got to college i was still sparked form my fame with SAW at BHS. so i became active with some groups. but it was so annoying. it was all these males talking about how great the walk out they led was. and sure, i mean you can be proud of it, but they were not coming up with new ideas or innovations, just doing the same shit over and over again.

not that participation in groups like that is the only kind of activism anyway. i always try to make the most socially responsible choices that I can, and yes I have morals.


i don't really want tomove to portland, just go visit marianna this summer. which seems unlikely. as mom probably won't take us to yosemite on accounta we's a going to prague for erin's wedding next summer. that'll be cool.

i need to go east coast for a bit. figure out where i should go to law school. i'm looking forward to seeing my dad out there this summer. man, new york should kick ass.


i need a change

i think the world is calling me to portland. anyway, after graduation, i really want to move. i need a change, i think. outside of study abroad in greece, i've never lived outside of minnesota. and if i stay here, i'll end up married with kids living in eden prairie. maybe even worse. and who wantes any of that? not i? I don't have to stay in minneapolis, and realizing that is a great and liberating feeling. however, I am on a 12 month lease at my new place that starts in august. i do happen to know that emily also wants to get out of the lease in december, when we both graduate. we both need changes.

i wanna get wasted and sing and dance to jesus christ superstar. man that sounds like fun....

i mean in the past year i've had three friends die, friends deal with drug addiction, a parent get fired and move across the country, a sibling get kicked out of college, some visits to the hospital, friends get cancer, etc.
moving on physically will hopefully help me move on mentally.



she cost me 100 dollars today. that damn Korai. If you're wondering, that's my car. while clearly the best of my cars, she ranks only number two on my car list. let me rank my cars for you in order of favoritism

1) Smokey. The 1987 subaru GL-10. This wsa my first car. and it was amazing. it was built in 1987, but tried to be all fancy. It had a digital speedometer and gasgage, only the speedometer worked. It also had a trip computer which gave you the temperature, time, alarm, your mileage, etc. It was a five speed, and who doesn't love driving a stick. It was a station wagon and could fit insane amounts of people in it. It also had a moon roof!! a moon roof, that was great. but my favorite part was that it said TURBO on the side and if you sped up quickly enough, a turbo light would come on! some downfalls, it had so much rust you could see the engine in parts, it couldn't be trusted to go very far, sometimes in the summer it would over heat and the only way to avoid that was to stop for a long time or turn the heat on. it also leaked oil, so while i never had to get a change, i had to refill it about once a week and know that i was contributing to pollution.
it's also the only car of mine that i've ever had sex in - it was junior year of high school during the day (usually) and what else were we going to do?
it is also the car that my brother had his first arrest in. the digital speedometer did make it hard to tell if the head lights were on or not since it was also illuminated. I saw sam driving without his lights on, and called his cell and told him. he only clicked it once, idiot, causing just the fog lights to go on. he got arrested and then found out there were other substances in the car.

2) Korai. the 1999 toyota corrola I currently drive. this car is completely dependable, just boring as hell. she starts every time, and has never broked down on me, which is nice. she's an automatic, which is boring, has no sun roof and the cd player sucks balls. but i can't really complain at all, she's mine, and she's great!

3) CarCar, the 1990 VW golf. This was my car for a long, long time. she sucked and broke down on me all the time. all the time. not to mention that she was tiny, hot, had no cd player, and was so rusted you could see the road below you when you drive. so you kinda risked death when you were a passenger in that car. if you didn't know that, i apologize. let me list some major breakdowns he had for me. senior year i was driving down to hamline to visit my ex, and the car kept "popping out of gear" I was worried, then it just wouldn't even go into fifth, then not fourth, etc. so i pulled over and he wouldn't even go into first. I realized there was something wrong and called AAA. it almost ruined my weekend, and my parents had to buy a new transmission for the car. then the next summer I took her to madison, where she again broke down almost completely, just after getting new tires and brakes. it was the mechanics fault, and we did get reimbursed, but again, i was a single, teenager driving, thank god for my parents supplying me with a cell phone and AAA card. of course she was also broken into and had many other minor break downs.
he has done some cool exploring, being a 1990 german car, he's small. I've taken him on some four wheeler trails, and he's come out with trees stuck in her fender. on that fourwheeler trail there was also a deer carcus, and it had to be driven over in both mine and andy's car. it was so horrible. because it was on a trail, reverse was not really an option, so twice i've heard the sound of a car driving over a deer carcus. not fun. the exploring was great. we found naked, shot up dolls, scary.
CarCar lives on, as Malcolm now. my dad took him back, and gave me the corolla. I can't complain. I don't know why, he can afford a new car for sure, but he thinks it's more noble, as part of his i-hate-the-middle-class thing. he feels good about. he's been with him for a few years and has gone from brainerd to california and back, brainerd to vermont and back, and is now with my dad in Providence. he's put thousands of dollars worth of work into the car, far more than it's value. and he has almost 200,000 miles. but that's ok by him. actually, he was at 185000 when I gave him up, so probably is actually at more than 200000

4) the 1985 honda civic. this car was only with me shortly, less than a month, so my memories are brief of her.

good times

you know it's bad when you're at the house of a recovering alcoholic and you're drinkg all her beer with her. and then you move onto stella, which requires a bottle opener, and the opener kinda sucks. you find out it's the only opener in the house, and it's an o doule's opener.

fuck that was funny. just the irony, and yes, irony is right here. using her only bottle opener to open alcoholic beer. anywho, it was the best night i've had in ages. sunday night was pretty good, too, if i may say.

you wanna know something? i love the smell of patchouli. just fucking love it. DAMN



Amelia had the best day she's had in ages on saturday. and last night was pretty rocking as well.
On saturday she got up, went to work and ate. THen she rode her bike to Minnehaha Falls and met up with Lynnea, who she spent the rest of the day with. They waded in water, walked on the river, rode bike to st paul, saw hiddenn falls, and rose all over the crosby region. she saw deer, herons, other cool birds, flowers, ships, etc. she mooned some river tour boats, laughed a whole bunch, and then went back to lynnea's on her bike. Then jodi came home and the beer drinking began. In such a state of giggles, aleck was invited over. no one expected him to show, but he came right at the right moment. the girls were talking about blow jobs, and giving them. we were calling for a man, then aleck showed up, out of nowhere. he got the fire raging, summoned the bens and drank beer and scotch like pros. we were up until sunrise. man that day was fun. it rained for about thirty minutes, and it felt great each and every time. at one point we stopped on bikes, and I looked back and had taken off my shoes, panties and bike helmet, and it didn't matter because no one was around!!

then last night i just hung out with my crush. which brings me to,
CHAD, my new roomie. he's so sweet and adorable. at first i was confused by his reclusiveness. then i encountered him pantless in the kitchen. there was some awkward hellos and some shiffling back into the bedroom. then i met him officially the nexy day, and thought my he looks less asian. then i found out the asian was his boyfriend. anyway, he's friendly and sweet. he just needs to discover that he can leave his room more often.

and now, tip of the hats

1) lynnea and saturday. again couldn't be more perfect!

2) Lori's coffeeshop. I had no cash and they don't take plastic, so I was able to start a tab.

3) the libraries. I'm getting a three cent raise. I was informed by my boss, andre. we have this weird thing going on where we flirt constantly and want each other, but won't act on it because he's 15 years older than me, married and my boss

4) my mom. she got me a new dresser, just like I asked her for.

and wag-of-the-fingers to

1) the bitch who wrote into sainted and tainted about some litterers. she assumed they were teenagers, why, what a bitch.

2) the pioneer press for even having such a stupid thing. it's like the vox pop in the brainerd dispatch, except for names are required here.

3) me. whatever i said about dreads is wrong. i like them. some people seem to think they are ugly no matter what. true, many dreads and ugly, but not all. not sarina's, not bjs, not eric's, no. and at least they change their hair. who wants the same style forever?

4) F minus. i thought it was good at first. man was i wrong.


learning new things

this is what I learned this week.

1) corporate talk. I picked this up at the second round of interviews at hopeful internship. It's a whole new way of saying things. For example, it's not "we're really busy and you need to come doe this now," instead it's "we have an aggressive schedule we need you to accomodate." Or there's just plain lying and telling half truths. more on that later.

2) I missed a lot watching the simpsons growing up. I can still get stuff out of the old ones, more than I can out of the new ones. For example, I thought I remembered everything from the STOP THE PLANET OF THE APES, I WANT TO GET OFF episode, but no. I missed this whole thing about troy mcclure having a weird fish fetish. oh man was that good shit.

3) Sam is such a whiny shithead sometimes. I can take my hookah when I want. bitch. so shut the fuck up and suck my dick. And uh, I'm only helping out with this money thing for the sake of someone else. fucker.

4) I may like dreadlocks after all.

5) My new roommate, Chad, is a cool guy afterall. I thought maybe not, I thought he was a recluse or something. but no, his door was closed for all that time because his boyfriend was also in there. he's cute, sweet, nice, from michigan, etc. a good replacement for andrew. Also, ted is a decent enough guy. not a real talker, though.

6) Don't ask for help at Office Max. jesus christ. I was looking for an ink cartridge there last night and some guy asked if he could help, I told him my printer and he had to page another associate. and it got really complicated. I was there because my black ink cartridge was gone. I wonder if Andrew had anything to do with it. he is responsible for the loss of many of my office supplies. then again, I am responsible for the loss of his tools. I do, however, always return them, just not in a timely manner. you know.

7) there's no cell reception at Har Mar.

8) my mom rocks


crush of the week.

well it's monday. crush of the week, and tip of the hat day.
Crush of the week goes to Don.
I used to have a crush on him. but i got over it. and now we're just great friends.
I am granting him crush of the week for two reasons: 1) I think he reads this blog and I want to prove to him that I did mean it when I called him appealing the other day and 2) well, he's really appealing to females! he's smart, attractive (when he's not wearing that hat of his), passionate (this is based off his relationship with his dog, Grace), experienced (I mean in that he's done things like dropped out, moved to eureka, and then managed to reenter the academic scene), he's completely non threatening, open to new ideas and thoughts (he'll listen to just about anyone and give them consideration), he hates tv as much as i do, and he's a great conversationalist. Don, you must believe me, you are so appealing! I am so lucky to have don in my life as one of my friends!
And I know, that last sentence was very long, but shut the fuck up and suck my dick!

so, tips of the hat
1) Everyone who took me out, wished me a happy birthday, bought me a drink, etc

2) My father. I never thought I would say this. Six months ago the story was completely different. he had taken sam's tuition money, split town unannouncedly, etc. but now's got a job, gave me a car, has a girlfriend, etc/ most importantly, he's given me what I've always wanted, a home on the east coast. I could not be more satisfied.

3)The chatterbox. a great bar in south minneapolis. games and old school nintendos, good food. bad, overpriced beer though!

4) Again, FOX! who knew. but this classic simpsons thing is the bomb. i almost wonder if we should be taping them.

wags to

1) me, bad planning on saturday and friday. shoulda gone to brainerd, and then sunday to mia.

2) damn construction crew. they were jackhammering in front of my house at 8:30 this morning

3) eggs, my month long i'm-eating-eggs-again kick is over. they made me sick, so i guess it'll be another couple of years before I do that again.

4) bush and rumsfeld and anyone who is celebrating over the death of al zaqwari (sic???) I mean, sure he's bad and i'm opposed to his actions in iraq, but does that mean gloating over the death of him is good? we had to bomb him. and at least one child was killed in the process! and he didn't even die initially. he was on a stretcher, being ignored and restrained, then he died.


my house

i don't even really like spending time at my house that much. luckily i have been spending a lot of time away. i seem to really like it at lynnea's house, 'sept 4 the fact that she lives on the otherside of st paul. but i think i like it because lynnea and jodi are like mama and i; i.e. we are both really close groups who do well spending time together.

andrew is gone for the summer. liz is gone for the summer. who's left, joe and casey. and some people i don't know at all, or just plain that other one who never does a damn thing around the house. i just wish we didn't have tv. tv is so unnecessary. and all joe does is watch tv. i work full time and am the only one who ever cleans the kitchen or pantry upstairs. but i won't just bitch about them.

living here is so much better than living at 22nd. for example, no one has died yet.

and on another note, we all drive toyotas. two corollas, two camrys, a silica and an SUV of some sort.

feeling brokish

i am, i am. i have to go to the east coast on a tiny little budget. man this summer has a lot of potential to suck. and a lot of potential to rock ass. I guess I just have to be careful when and where I spend my money. you know, all that good business.
maybe I don't need to go to new york after all. All I wanted to do there was a little bit of research anyway. and well, I can live without it. my honors thesis will kick enough ass as it is. without another trip to the met. that place is so overwhelming. on the other hand, i really really love new york and have not even seen the new moma! what the hell kind of art history major am I?

on the other hand, i have no money and no place to stay in the city now that lynnea is staying here.
i think she should move to new york. then i'm less likely to be irked by her here, and it's even cooler when I do get to see her.

went to this cool bar last night, the chatterbox. good fries, and you can play board games or old school nintendo. never playing that as a child, i just didn't care. but trivial pursuit was fun. annie and i gave up out of boredom. she had four pieces and i had three, but i won in sudden death match. so we're both winners!!! kind of like bart and lisa on the simpsons!!!!


i am so sickened

by this internet bullshit.

the internet is so great! egalitarian in theory and democratic in practice.

as you know, the isps have decided that they aren't quite making enough money with the internet. that they needed to be richer, billionaires, not millionaires. so they proposed offering big companies more bandwith for a cost. the supreme court already upheld them, and the senate may this week. visit savetheinternet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! save the internet!


competitive violence- that's why you're here!

so man. this month on simpsons reruns has rocked it!!!! it's been this special from the vault month. great stuff, tonight's 6 one was the dustin hoffman as teacher and the six thirty one was the one where lisa joins hockey.

so I'll contibnue on with a breakdown ofmy week.

monday) I start at wilson. this job is so boring, i mean it. a highly trained primate could do this job. to combat the boringness, I'm saved by my iPod. i've made some bad ass mixes this week! also, i only work four hour shifts. during those four hours I get a twenty minute paid break! how sweet is that??

tuesday) I turn 21. it started out at al's. I went to breakfast with john. I was granted full drinking prvieledges and had gin and tonics with my breakfast. doug even had the whole place singing happy birthday to me. then i had to go to work formy second day. and then i was called into work. it's ok. fred left today and there was a lot that neededto be done. then i went home, bathed. and headed to lynnea's. we got beer, got drunk. had friends over and then went to the artists' quarter downtown. what a cool place. more drinks, more shots. it was girls only that night! we were gonna go to the uptown after that, but sara k remembered that she had to work the next morning, so we nixed that plan and had hashbrowns at lynnea's. a good idea,jodi tried to feed me earlier in the night, but i puked it up asap. sometimes my body is like, ewwww fooooooooood.

wednesday) no work at the library, what good thinking of me! but i went to the lab. fred gave me champagne and vodka. susan kept saying she was going to leave, but she never did.so i went home. lynnea came over with my car, and we took a long ass nap. except I couldn't fall asleep, I kept giggling. mostly at memories of andrew and i. what a funny motherfucker. i miss him already. we went to lynnea's for champagne, beer and boca burgers on the grill. it was nice. then eric (crush) and harley came over. i really wanted to make out with my crush, but my killer breath held me back.

thursday) sleep! finally. for real....... i needed it

friday) nothing much. was going to go to brainerd, but that was cancelled. everyone is one and all that are hear don't want to do anything. that's good, though. I can't even think of the last time i spent a night in. besides last night. however it's taking a lot of restraint not to call someone.

tomorrow's plans are breakfast and expanded mia with don, then chatterbox with annie for sure and hopefully lindsay and don.

long week

sorry I haven't updated in a while. it's been a busy week.
Since I last posted I turned 21! and it is that great. I can go buy beer and drink it as much as i want. not after eight in mpls though. how lame is that.
I'm really freightened by how much i love beer. it's just so good.
for my birthday i just went to the aq with some girlfriends. I got to reconnect with sara b, the second dead-head sara that I lived with.. she's so much fun sometimes, i had forgotten since ususally I see her with althea and josh.,

I have also been totally smitten this past week. yet unsure of myself. i still can't decide if i like dreads or not, and it's driving me nuts!!!

oh, and a big shame on you to my brother.

um, i'll be back later. I'm on break right now. frommy new job at the library. I'll also tell you about that later. much love from A!

p.s. sunday is father's day, no one forget! for the first time ever I got a gift from my dad that I really appreciate! his was even the best!


crush of the week.

I'm a double it, kind of. officially crush of the week goes to andy samberg from snl.

this video should explain why. it's wicked funny, clever, and he's tall, hot and thin. with a nice jew fro- just like I like em.
I also want to extend a crush to natalie portman. It was a close tie. this video should explain why, and you'll see andy samberg at the end.

please watch the vidoes..

a special thanks to both sarina and max. max proved to me that, yes, snl is still funny. and sarina hooked me up with the site.

tip of the hat

1) Madeline and Sean. this is the biggest tip I have ever given anyone... ever. as you all know the house at 22nd has a long, twisted history of which I used to be a part. it was nasty, undecorated and neglected. for over a year the place sat there with un packed boxes, empty walls, etc. sean has begun decorating and keeping the place clean. sean and madeline made the backyard very enjoyable with a gazebo, garden, legal fire thing, swing, etc. it's so nice to be there. sean brought in air hockey, more decorations etc. he even does the things that others would not want to, like wash the laundry that greg left in the basement months ago. Kudos, sean and madeline!!!!!

2) Don. he gave me a crap ton of books, insisted i take them even. a huge thank you from all of us here, all of us being me.

3) my coworkers, specifically susan, who makes it so my job is not so ungodly boring.

4) the science museum, the exhibit was great, just great/

a wag of the finger to

1) the science museum parking lot. there were no signs for exits and all the elevator signs were so totally wrong.

2) the daily show and the colbert report. since when do they think that they can just take off all the time that they want. huh, neve

3) 35w southbound. it's like if you miss the 94 or 55 exit, you have to go like two miles to the next exit, south 36 ave, way the fuck in uptown. and no one wants to do that.

4) dare I say Andrew? I love him so much and miss him so much already. but he left his room a complete mess. I'm going to clean it, i.e. dust, vaccum and pickup trash. but i'm doing it only for the sake of the kid who's moving in, not for andrew's sake. not to mention all the nasty ass shit, like month old OJ he left in the fridge. like I want to deal with that.


651 represent, represent!

So my relationship with St Paul is so strong right now. I was over there every day last week! my god. ever since high school when I came down to the cities, i would stay with my friends in st paul, and not minneapolis. or maybe minnetonka. that was when I was with the hamline crew. I was brought back when i hung out at an apartment right on the corner of taylor and snelling. some cute guy, tobi, had us over, and i was so brought back to the days when I would be at manney's, only one block away at hewitt, well further down i guess. literally this place was across from the football field. they must have gotten a new field since i was there last. years ago. on top of that I was in midway two other times this past week, once at the turf club to see clay and harley (i missed them) and then once I went over to don's. damn. it's like minneapolis is where the action is at, but st paul is where the cool people are at.. another strong possibility is that st paulies don't much leave their hometown. i was told that no one who lived in the apartment building, literally across snelling from hamline went there. that goes to show how dedicated to st paul st paulers are. the better question, is why do i have to distinguish between the two.
I also wanted to tell lynnea that i did once stay at that sketch ass motel, the midway, but i was too embarassed the way they were talking about it.
and i liked this guy.. and i think that this apartment is near where graham is living this summer so more time in st paul for me.

today in st paul i went to body worlds at the science museum of minnesota. it was pretty sweet. pretty way sweet, and long, too. my dogs were barking as we said. i went with the fam, mom sam max, martha and grandma. we were all exhausted and hungry. so we went to annie's/ of course it made sense to go to annie's, in dinkytown, when there's like twenty million cute places in downtown st paul that you could go to instead. fuck that shit. and i'm pretty full from annie's now. but back to the science museum. the exhibit was cool. i thought it wouldn't be that cool, that it would be like the sliced bodies that are at the field museum or something, but no. there were complete bodies in motions, cleverly arranged, seperate body parts, healthy next to diseased, etc. interesting. and everyone against it can such on it. so there you go.

i also gave my mother a bunch of cds when she was down here. just some i think she should have. she seemed so resistant to belle and sebastian - the ideal introduction to emo cd. it's so funny, she'll listen to electronic and hip hop to be cool, but would never listen to emo or alt rock to be cool. her whole generation it like that. they think they're progressive for listening to the fugees or kayne west, but would never listen to the truly innovative music. or maybe i'm wrong, but that following paragraph definetely applies to my mother. and i told her this. and she doesn't read this blog anyways. she knows about it and read it once, then confessed out of guilt., that's so cool. even though this is published online for all to see, she doesn't want me to feel limited in my writing, and thus choses to not read my blog! lucky me.. awesome mom. pretty much the coolest mom ever. she also got me an iPod speaker for my birthday. it's nice, but not great. it doesn't charge the iPod, so I have to have two outlets still and apple makes huge fucking adapters!!!

oh yeah, i'm kinda learning dos for my job...... dos, me. i don't even have windows down yet. all i can do is fake it. my job has gotten better and worse lately. i have more things to do. which is good, all that scanning was getting old, but also kinda scary. i mean I am involved in labeling finds for the publication for Pylos, one of the best known sites in Greece. famously known as the palace of nestor. if i slip up, it'll be bad for everyone. i think. luckily i'm a smart girl, and i know a lot about greece and art, but little about things like Dos, Dbase AutoCAD, GIS, etc......
and i was wrong, not everyone is going to be at fred's in greece for the summer, one grad student, susan, will also have an RAship at the MARWP lab. and she's one of the cool grad students. not one of those ones who seems to have forgotten that everyone is an undergrad before they are a grad student..



so i will be using dos at my ra job. interesting. i don't even know how to use windows very well.
speaking of windows and macs, i love those mac commercials. the pc guy is from the daily show i just found out.
anyway, i came to say how much i dislike garrison keillor's this old scout column he has in the strib.
it's so bad. i mean, sometimes I laugh and all, but mostly i think he needs to get his head out of his ass and come back down to earth.
last week his article was about how his grandmother is the only one he can ask questions to about his past. basically it came down to he thinks that everything old is good and new is bad. I must say that i disagree with that. I do tend to love the new, but I appreciate the past and old things, for example Vivaldi is playing right now. he needs to realize that a change in family dynamics is not necessarily bad. now instead of sitting down and having our grandmothers tell us stories for hours, we have google, e mail and libraries. what's wrong with that? and who wants to listen to their wacky elders anyway>
But anyway, it was the article two weeks ago that really pissed me off. On nicollet island de la salle (private school) is trying to build a new football field. I really have no feeling either way about the field and if it passes or not. and neither does garrison keillor. but he does have a problem with those living on the island opposed to the new football stadium. he had a good point, why do people hate the school more than they hate w, after all the school only wants to expand and bush is responsible for thousands of deaths in the military and innocent families in the middle east. I mean sure, he's a great evil. but he seemed to think that any political fight on a small scale was useless. what an ass fuck. all political fights and actions are great, no matter what level. not to mention those living on the island have more sway with de la salle than they do with the moron in the oval office. we are all affected by the war, and it costs each of us money, money that would be better spent educating and insuring us. and we should fight it. but those on nicollet island are affected by the football field, and they should, even ought to, fight it if they don't want it. I'm sorry mr keillor, but get over yourself, we're all victims of NIMBY.


i took too much

so i finished cryptoquip again today. here's the pun: a dentist employed by an army base might be seen as the appointed drill sergeant HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HA HA HA
that's good. i'm sitting inside on a gorgeous day. i'm in a bad mood.
I got my period yesterday, my foor hurts from the glass incident and my arm hurts from the tetanus booster I got today.
i could go for a good laugh right now.

tits on the radio

so here's a story in the life of amelia.
she now hates uv blue. amelia had never heard of uv blue before. then her roommates bought some. amelia dislikes koolaid and other things, like gatorade, that are brightly colored; she has an irrational fear of her stomach being dyed blue. don't ask her. but she drank some the other night in an unclear state of mind. it made her want to puke. luckily she didn't

the next night amelia was watching tv (the office marathon, or was it degrassi?) downstairs when she heard a major crash. apparentely the bottle fell from the fridge and broke three wine glasses and two plates drying on the counter below it. luckily the bottle didn't break and there was no blue vodka mess to be cleaned. liz and joe cleaned it up.
amelia thought nothing of it, went to her little bro's and then to the turf club.
the next morning as she walks from shower to bedroom, she steps on piece of glass and it goes into her foot. neither she nor her medical student roommate could get the glass out of her foot. so she went to boynton and the doctor could also not get it out of there because it was so small. she amelia was given a local anasthetic (I don't even know how to pronounce that word properly) so the doctor could "go in deep" and fish it out. It was "very tiny, so tiny that she used sound and feel to fish it out. then i got a tetanus shot.

so all in all, uv blue sucks! it makes you want to puke, breaks your cups and plates and sends you to the doctor. Shame on you! shame on you!

i love amelia's interesting changing of tenses and switches from first to third person.
after all, doesn't the bible do that to legitimize itself.


chronic-what-cles of narnia

I went to the da vinci code today with don. we went to st anthony main. what a cute movie theatre. with reclining,velvet seats, no ads or trivia before and a nice blue color.
sorry, the last movie i went to was brokeback mountain, and before that it was wedding crashers last summer.
but onto the movie.
I tried not to read the book for a while. i though as an art history major and religoius studies minor that i would be unable to find any value in the book. but i read it and i was captivated by it. it really was impossible to set down. I also thought the movie was great.
sure there were some lame things, like way too much silas, but generally it did pretty well considering it had a lot of possibilities to suck. I was also pleasantly surprised by Ian McClellan, i had no idea he was in the movie, and his part was major. Despite being so long, it really felt that it went fast. I also really appreciated that they didn't even have the part where Robert and Sofie kiss at the end. that would have been just way too trite.
The movie ended with a major question that it didn't answer. i liked that there was ambiguity in that question. questions are so great.... part of my really nerdy side came through, and I noticed that a lot of information they used was wrong, specifically concerning constantine and the ecumenical councils.
even that was fogiveable because the movie and novel have asked many questions and sparked a dialogue. unfortunately with the strong sense of fundamentalism in this country there is no room for polemics or debates in many demoninations..

in other news, I have been really digging on scissor sisters lately. i've had them for a year,and just now started listening.
they're a good combo of maroon five and jamiroquai, just better.

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