There's no such thing as an appropriate joke


I'm so stressed out right now.

I need a new job.

I LOVE working at al's. It seems that I should do canvassing since I'm not qualified enough for a good serving job, don't wanna nanny in goddamn wayzata or excelsior or lakeville and won't quit my daytime job.

I want something easy with good cash like online surveys or selling my eggs, but both require way toomuch shit. I don't wanna take hormones to sell my eggs and all these online survey things either require a membership fee and sound iffy, or you have to register for something, like singles.net or blockbuster or something.

I applied for a job at the downtown luce, a job I think i am more than qualified for, but got nothing. I blew it on some other ones and am just plain lazy these days. I'm applying for teach for america and a fewother ones. I'm almost ready to be like jill and just work at al's.

I spend hours on careerbuilder and craigslist. and all the entry level things are full timeor in the suburbs. maybe i'm being too picky about this no suburb thing, but effin aye, i don't wanna commute to the burbs. I like biking, walking and busing to work!

that is the best place to work. Doug is pretty much the best boss ever. as are allison and jay. I get to work with jay all day on saturday, yeah! I can only hope to be like Doug someday, so laid back, happy and with a great attitude about work. but fuck, I can't,i'm pissed off and stubborn like my dad.

and he crashed my car and has NO social skills at all.


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