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So what's been new in the life of Amelia?

She's one broke ass bitch!
Looking for a job, but being very picky about it.
She dreams of making out with stephen colbert and enjoys beyonce very much!

Okay, So I'll do a tip of the hat and wag of the finger with my crush of the week.

Tip of the hat to

1) Hamil. Graham and I met him last night at a really ghetto bar, mortimer's. He's kinda awkward, but probably a great guy. He has a hot girlfriend and gay friend, and something weird on his teeth. but don't we all sometimes?

2)IKEA. what a great store, why haven't i been shopping there for years? I mean, it's so cheap. I was there once before and we spent hours there but bought nothing. With kaddy I just did the quick walk through, which is still long, and bought a lot of shit for 23 bucks. What I got was two non-stice frying pans, a bright pink candle set with four different kind of candles to match my new sheets, eight bowls and seven plates! omg

3) Bravo Burrito. What a killer burrito! no kididng. I should make buritos that are that fucking awesome! I went without cheese on mine since it was cheddar (ewwww!!) and twice they came out and asked me if I wanted sour cream! I'm no longer a vegan, but I really appreciated the concern!

4) my new jetta. well it's not new and it may not be mine forever. But it's mine for quite a while. It's part of the wholy DAD CRASHED MY CAR scandal that i've been dealing with now. basically right now I have my mom's old pimped out jetta. seriously, it's a purple painted, tinted, lowrider with a subwoofer that takes up half the trunk. not to mention it has a moonroof! AND it's a fivespeed. It's so nice to drive a stick again after having the toyota for the past year and a half.

Wag of the finger to

1) this god damn cold weather! fuck it's cold. like way cold

2) the varsity for their poor planning on everything in the world. i really wanted to go and see dance band but i couldn't.

3) Nochee and that stupid fucking painter motherfucker and frank zappa asshole they had. I mean, I already paid ten bucks to see some old, overrated pervert playing the trumpet. but the artist who performed during their concert was the worst of all. His art was all naked chicks or "really deep and symbolic" I mean, it had like stars of davids andcrosses next to each other on a tripped out background. Talk about a profound juxtaposition..........NOT

4) myspace. i rejoined and I think I need to requit. it's so lame and nothing like facebook. I like that everyone has the same profile in facebook. you can't put up annoying songs and wallpaper, you can easily search for your friends, send messages without saying yes like three times, you can't rank your friends, not everyone can see your profile, etc. it's lame as fuck. and i only have like three friends, one of which is the founder guy

And finally my crush of the week. I'd have to say the vute new pianist from my old roomie's band, sol spectre. he's young, talented as all fuck and sweet!


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