There's no such thing as an appropriate joke


train tracks

so i'm sure y'all know how much i love the tracks in my back yard.

and no, I am not being facetious! it's so soothing to have them right there.

anyway, i wanna go lay in the sun, but here are the two highlights from our night of smashing shit on the tracks. Btw, bottle caps work really well and look awesome smashed.

1) A passanger train went by!!!! A passanger train. It was about 1140, and a passanger train went by my backyard. It didn't smash anything, though. we had a key, bottle opener and lots of coins and none of them were smashed. but who cares, i waved at people.

2) In the area that is kinda our frontyard, kinda no-man's-land we found a stop sign! seriously, a stop sign!!! and we didn't deface anything or do anything illegal to obtain it. we just found it!


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