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The Bob Dylan Exhibit


I had to go, it's in a frank gehry museum, done by the emp (a less cool frank gehry museum) and free.
I wasn't expecting much seeing as I wasn't alive during 65 to 75, but still left feeling really cool. It began with a lot of photos and information about hibbing, that was added specifically for the minnesota audience, which was sorta cool. I did grow up close to the pits, the crosby pits. some cool photos, and it confirmed my belief about the lack of jews in Brainerd.

anywho, i really like the dinkytown part, because of course I work and live there. well maybe i don't live there, I live in the SE como neighborhood, across the tracks from dinkytown. they had records from spider john koerner and others up, that asshole matt's dad. well matt's not that much of an asshole, but kinda he is. you love and hate him at the same time. which brings me to al's, my beloved place of employment. they had a menu up from 62, and it was almost exactly the same. the same handwriting and everything. the prices had bareley changed. ham went from 105 to 150, and omlettes have increased in 70 cents over 40 years.

anywho, after all the minnesota stuff they have all this new york stuff, albums with listening rooms, etc.and you'll feel so cool after you see it.

I especially liked the documentary outtakes they had of him on video. there is one of him in London in the mid 60s, and his minnesota humor just shines through. he arranged a sign saying we pick up, clip and bathe your dog, a number and cigarettes. he rearranged it so many ways and times that it became comical. like I said, us northern minnesotans have to find humor somehow.

and monster truck rallies are not the place for that. i went to one this weekend and the only good part was that max, sam, wayne and carter were with me. I routed for this one truck, brutus because of his name, and the fact that the driver's name was bergeron; harrison bergeron is what turned me into a vonnegut fan in seventh grade! and he was from minnesota/

as is the incrediebly sexy prince. seriously, could he be hotter????????/ I mean, I still wanna do himand he's like in his forties or something. his superbowl performance was goodconsidering what it was. a bunch of covers, and then his lame, old ballad purple rain. nothing from 3121, an awesome album which is totally family friendly. but his dancing, suit and phallic silhoutte all make up for it. it really was raining too, which makes it better.

but back here in minneapolis it has been snowing and being really fucking cold for like the past three weeks. suddenly our nice, warm winter went wrong, it was the winters I remember from being a kid. it's been so cold that I could not wash my car until yesterday because the doors would freeze shut. my cool new jetta. thanks, mom and dad! and I began to bike. my bike lock was not working, so I assumed it was the cold, and was forced to leave it outside with icicles hanging on it for weeks. so it was so nice I wanted to ride yesterday, but discovered the problem was the key, not the lock. so my bike was exposed for all that time for no reason.

and now I can't bike from como to dinkytown because I begin housesitting on Cedar Lake today. the house is fucking amazing, but far away from everything. and no buses run. it's almost in st louis park for fuck sake!

so i hear all these songs on commercials and it continues to dissapoint me. like badly drawn boy or the femmes, and it makes me wonder who owns this music?

oh, and when I saw Juna on sunday my whole "I don't wanna have kids" thing changed. they're too damn cute!


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