There's no such thing as an appropriate joke


this is because i am bored as hell

this post is because i am bored as hell.

but i will at least do a tip of the hat and wag of the finger for the week past. even though i have stopped carrying around my blogging notebook

So my tips of the hats are going out to

1) DON! my uncle. he rocked my world so hard this weekend. if it wasn't for him and his free tickets to 10KLF, I would not have had what is sop far the best weekend of the summer

2) 1oKLF. I am really shocked by this because it had so much potential to really suck. I went with no money, no camping spot and a car pass, but no person pass. we could have crashed with my mom on the floor of her hotel room, but who wants that. we could have snuck in, but that would have been hard and we would have needed a sober driver for the car. all in all, they didn't tow cars because it was the last night and we ended up not sleeping. well sam caught some sleep in a sleeping bag next to the car. and i got some shut eye. like an hour's worth. but my back hurt, so i ran around and did some yoga. oh yeah, I like Trey now!!!!! shocker, i know. seriously, i am really surprised by this one. I also now finally know why people like glow sticks so much. they're fun!

3) The Onion AV Club. it just continually gets better. I like this new amelia gillette column. and the annoying factor. and it's just a cool thing. i read it. and if it wasn't for that, i would no longer be an onion reader.

4) all the community gardens on como. like the one at 22nd and the one at 27. emily and i had a nice time in the gardens yesterday. i even got to decorate my purse with some nice pink and purple flowers!

Wag of the finger to

1) Applebee's. I mean, I knew they sucked, and i hate them everytime I go there, but i hate them even more now. it was sunday at noon and mama and her friends and sam and i were going to go out. because every fucking place was a combination of dirty hippies and lutherans in their sunday best, we went to applebees. they have no vegetarian salads! for real. and i had sundried tomatoes I disliked. i didn't even know that was possible, but it is. i actually dislike them!

2) my check out person at North Country. so there was a problem with this chick in line and it took forever. but then on top of that, the clerk complained to me about her like three times. as if I needed to hear that. let it go. man, i was a great clerk when i was workingat the co-op in brainerd. and the sandwich sucked!

3) MNDOT> so not only is como closed under the railroad bridge and they covered the street in loose gravel (which i've complained about already), but they never do anything under the bridge. we walked under there last night and can't figure out why they would possibly need to have the bridge closed off.

4) Mary Lucia. she's the afternoon dj on the current. and i don't know why, but for some reason she bugs the hell out of me. maybe it's her voice, or the way she says "lucia" or the fact that she says "that was a good set" after every set. her interview in the dink proved how annoying she is.


well emo amelia has been replaced by hippie amelia. I've been having too much fun at festivals lately. so there you go.

so don't expect any posts for a while.

peace out homies!



so it's been a while. and i've been lame. it's also been in the triple digits temperature, so shut the fuck up.

so my weekly shit


1) the city. last week they changed the law back so that liquor stores are now open until ten everyday. sunday is exempt of course because they never sell off ale on sunday. we have morals damn it!

2) The dink. it's funny check it out. for those of us who only still read the onion because it's free and all over the city, we can dump the onion for the dink! except for last week's was insanley funny. probably because it was all old stories. and don't worry to you non-mpls readers, our av club doesn't carry savage love, the city pages does, so no one is missing out on that

3) Amy sedaris and steven colbert. man that interview was great. she was wearing a fat suit and he had on a pink polka dot tie. how fucking perfect is that? a pink polka dot tie.

4) sarah and emily. emily and i slept in sarah's a.c.ed bed and made a dank ass brunch the next day. that was fun


1) sam, he stood me up for breakfast on saturday. the little shit head! i had to bail and leave extra early

2) this lex character. he seems to have fucked over my friend lynnea. they have some communication issues. and myspace, for not letting me read lynnea's blog. we used to be friends. and now i'll have to hear all about it.

3) Big tom/eric/derek/wakes/whomever. lame beer. i had such high expectations for that house. i guess when tom moves out, shit fall to shit. at least foosball is still there. i thought that would have belonged to tom. what kegger would be complete without foosball? and yes, i lost. twice

4) work/ i'm sofrustrated

and i'm going to give crush of the week to gnossos. is it wrong to give a fictional character crush of the week? i'd say yes, but then i'd have to give prince or erik crush of the week, again. and you're all sick of hearing about me creaming my panties to The Continental. so poor old gnossos. he's down, and then as a reader so were you. I wanna just pity fuck him so that i can some how grant myself Immunity from his situation.
plus he's greek and he has long shaggy hair. and those greeks are hot. the hottest greek of course is Dimos. the man who came into my hotel room, sat on my bed and fed me porkchops with no objection. it was my only cheat in four years. i probably would have eaten the meat no matter what, but with his tight ass in those tight jeans! damn!!!!!!


I am Gnossos

Class of 2007, I'm back in. what was i thinking graduating in December? I can afford to stay in school and i don't really want to face the real world quite yet.

this decision was influenced by two things, most importantly my efaan, which is awesome! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and Been Down So Long it Looks Like Up To Me by Richard Farina. not only do i love the free verse style of the novel and interesting snytax, I feel many parallels between the main character and myself. we both desire immunity and fear leaving our cocoons. I like having a safety net here at college, so why should i be so fast to graduate. I am in love with partying like he is. I like to think i am in greece like he does. i like to drink metaxa, eat goat cheese and smoke special pall malls. he goes too far for me of course. but i am real and he is a fictional character. I wanna stay in my apartment away from the monkey. the book speaks of the microcosm of college, and that's exactly what i don't want to lose. all i know is my mom's house and academia. i like it.
a lot. so plan for a may graduation!

beware of plastic cutlery

it will cut you. i had that happen

and whoever the idiots that poured gravel all over como and 15th, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. I can't ride bike through that, i slip. and the bike lane is in the street. the sidewalks are congested and I don't like having to ride on them. it's been a week now. are you going to pave it? please do? I need to take 15th to work now that I work at walter.

so yeah, I work at walter now. what a cool building! It's so chicago-esque. it looks all neo classical at first, but then when you look at it closely, it reaks of AMERICA! and you all know how much i love american architecture. thanks, marling, for that one. and there's not all those people there, and it's carpeted so i can sit on the floor. and it's now officially only a five minute bike ride from my house. i can leave at 1052 and make it to work on time!

and again, props to prince!



A special winnipeg edition of TOTH/WOTF

I just want to give a big tip of the hat to the new music director. the music rocked so hard this year. there was something for everyone. hip hop for young kids. females singing about vaginas for the lesbians( neko case), funk and techno that everyone got down to, mellow guys like steve earle and jay farrar (sun volt). and then just plain legends like Solomon Burke and Richard Thompson. Among my favorites were Los de Abajo, Refugee All Stars of Sierra Leone, That 1 Guy, Solomon of course, afrodizz, tagaq, TOFU and hawksley worksman. google 'em if you want more info!
They had concerts from 11am to 3am!

Tips to

1) SAM! he rocked it hard core. apart from not having any money and still owing me 100 dollars that i had to front him, he rocked. Just to make me laugh, he yelled "Here we come to save the motherfucking day, CANADA FUCK YEAH at some mounties. he also took good care of maya and kayla one night when they needed it. and he was an all around pleasant guy. not to mention he had no cigarettes. I even got him to wear a sarong, even if it was only as a belt.

2) The park. there's access to cold, free potable drinking access 24/7 with lots of taps in easy locations. free cold water is always a nice thing to have when 45,000 people are at a festival.

3) My inability to sleep on wednesday morning. if not, we would not have known the deal about getting in line before the park gates open at seven am.

4) ground scores! some definetely goodies to be found. soap, glass, a plate (i.e. a tooney), a towel, etc. and i got a free dijeridu, although not a ground score

Wag of the fingers to

1) Liquor mart, and the whole canadian alcohol thing in general. Sam and I went to grand beach on wednesday and finished the beer i had brought with us. so afterwards we stopped in the town of grand beach, aka grand marais, so sam could order his first legal beer. we walked in sat down at the bar, were glanced over and ignored. after three minutes we left and went to the COLD BEER store across the street. the only beer they had was O'Doule's! that's not even beer. so we had to go to bird's hill for alcohol. the liquor mart there only had imported and bottled beer. so we picked up the cheapest beer we could, 4.50 a six pack, and went to check out. we get up there, and the guy informs us that 4.50 is the per bottle price!!!!!!! and that all those prices were for a bottle. so we went to winnipeg. we stopped at a bar and got some on tap, happy hour, domestic beer, molson, for 3 a glass. that was during happy hour. molson is cheaper in the states. sam found the cheapest bottled beer he could, about 1.50 a bottle and then asked an employee what beer it was for. turns out the sign was wrong. you could get a 12 pack of can Alberta Genuine Draft for 12. and it was only 5%! and then the tax was outrageous!! outrageous. at least it wasn't that bad. not the worst beer i've ever had, but still.

2) my mom. don't get me wrong, she rocked pretty hard all weekend, but she did one thing that pissed me off, she dumped out my beer! in fairness, she thought it was sam's, but still. she was at our camp, drinking our beer. if we had been at her house drinking her beer, i'd say more power to you, dump out all the beer you want. but when you're at our camp drinking our beer, don't stealthily dump out our beer!

3) the food selection. not very good this year. all i wanted was a caeser salad, but the dressing hurt my mouth. then i wanted a fried tofu sandwich from the vegan place, but they were all gone. and the pad thai sucked. the veggie roles were ok, though. and for seven or eight bucks, no way am i getting a veggie burger and fries.

4) the bathroom situation. I know it's hard with so many people in a small place, but come the fuck on, KEYRIPES

this was the best folk festival yet, i think. we all had a good time. except for maybe kayla, I couldn't tell if she was having fun or not. Martha was getting way down and putting us to shame, wayne and kristine seemed happy, mom and steve were having a great time, the sam/max/amelia team was back together, the tarp rules were all changed, and the music was awesome. they had nighttime concerts on the hill. they used to keep us off of the hill, but how could they? huh. still trying to figure out if it's the tallest hill in manitoba or not. the temperature was also perfect, it was frickin hot, but not unbearably hot. so we could enjoy the day shows, because for the first year ever there was always something rocking i wanted to see.




i'll be without phone or internet for the next week!

WEEK in satan

so um, here are my things for this week

Let's start with wags of the finger, shall we, to mix things up a but

1) The Brainerd crowd, for not coming to my prince dance party. at least i have some leftover beer.

2) boss andre, for taking it too far. I may pose rique for some photos, yes; but not for a man I have no chance of fucking. I mean, I will get nothing out of this. and i really don't know if he's trustworthy. I mean, I barely even know him!

3) erik, for being the world's largest douche ever.

4) sam. he never ever calls me back, ever. i mean, what the fuck does it take to get a phone call back. jesus. i don't really trust him at all and I am kinda freaked out about having him in the car with me tomorrow.

tip of the hat to

1) Prince. the new album, 3121 is so rocking! holy shit, I've listened to it five times already today at work. so funky and fresh and dirty, yet not.

2) mary jane (lynnea's dog). she came to Brainerd with us and she was so well behaved, I was so impressed. the whole family loved her, too. probably because they are used to the obnoxious poppy.

3) tents! they all came together so nicely.

4) my "porch". i'm working on improving it slowly. so far I have three chairs out there, and plan to get more, xmas lights, a table and ashtray for all my smoking friends. then i can actually have people over. i need to get over this whole I'm too ashamed to have people over to my house. my house is cheap and close to campus, so I have nothing to worry about.

and my crush is Prince, duh!
I seriously creamed my pants when I was listening to prince and the new power generation cds just now at work! OMG, that tell me how ya want it dun song! wow. and sexy motherfucker seems to be everyone's favorite. and by everyone I mean my mom and lynnea. I'm a big fan of my name is prince, cream, get off, etc. really everything my mom put on the my name is prince dance mix, the mix she made in honor of his induction to the rock and roll hall of fame. Not to mention he is really into his minneapolis pride! as am i./ people need to stop thinking we're a bunch of lutherans who only sit inside and make hot dish because it's so frickin cold outside. that's just not true. I mean, prince is funky.
and a jehovah's witness

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