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Oh Mercy

So about the exhibit, either wayne and/or kristine also saw the bob dylan exhibit since they have many bob dylan cds on top of the cd player right now.early ones, too. so I put on some dylan, turned on the AWESOME LIGHTS and danced.

So anyway I am housesitting and this place is fucking awesome. here's a list of things I love about it, those color changing, multifunctional lights. in fact all the lights are pretty much bomb, there are a lot of colored bulbs or lamp shades. and lots of christmas lights that are on a lot and everywhere. There's a cleaning lady, a jacuzzi, a steamroom, a really cool tree in the frontyard, a ginormous side yardwith a pit and what not. across the street from the lake. I sat and read in the window seat looking at the gorgeous clouds. it's a short drive to work. it's fucking gorgeous! there's a bus that goes by! there's a mac wireless network, however the big iMac downstairs has to be on.

things I don't like. there are coffee beans, but no grinder?!?! I assumed there was since I saw those beans, so I bought whole beans at whole foods today. yes, whole foods because it is so fucking close. there are spiders on the ceiling, seriously, plural, but the ceilings are so damn high I can't kill them. It's a really big house that makes noises. and there is a lot of traffic because there are like three roads around this things. and it's really windy, that's why that tree is so cool.

on another note, I woke up today, looked up and saw a picture of my friend aleck above the bed! I wonder how Aleck knows adriana. I've known him from the dorms, and she's a grade below us and goes to sarah lawrence. perhaps high school. that would make sense, they are both minneapolis natives.

So last night I went out with hamil again to mortimers., again, that place is so GHETTO. there was one fan there waiting for us, and he as awkward, he said he got from lake and harriet in like twenty minutes. yeah right. and he called hamil hamilton. and he was wearing a dirty starter, a jolly rogers had, a skull pin, dark old glasses, and really new, clean shoes. and he gave me his business card that he said was homemade, but when i began to put it in my pocket, he took it from me and said he doesn't let people keep it. so what's the point then?

so my mom asked me recently if I would hookup with the mac guy or the pc guy. and i thought a little about it and said mac. because mac has that hipster, laid back, short with long hair type. but isn't that interesting.and Mom knows I have a thing for funny, chubby, nerdy guys. and damnit, the wit and brains of john hodgman are too awesome. seriously, the area of my expertise was too fucking funny. and then i read him in wired today and fell in love with it.

speaking of nerdy guys, I was introduced to weird al's white and nerdy today. because ridin dirty became a theme that I shared both with sam and lynnea this summer.

man, i just saw a hot TARGET ad, hott. they are so genius.

So as you all should know we've been getting some press lately at al's, and now kstp and the strib are going to do us. chanell five comes in on friday, and unfortunately I work that day. and of course we're going to do theme day! so the theme is outsdoors and I will take any costume suggestions, again, i'll be a local celebrity NOT on public access! so far I have boots, canteen, cargo vest, DUH, straw hat, map, dun glasses, flash light? high socks. please, all these things are only ideas. i'm open to suggestions. and i think that this week busty, harry and ani will be dressing up, too. last week ani and I were the only ones to dress up, and I was deemed not a fairy tale chaaracter because I was maria from the sound of music. and sure, she had the holocaust thing, and it's a real story, but it was a fairytal!


The Bob Dylan Exhibit


I had to go, it's in a frank gehry museum, done by the emp (a less cool frank gehry museum) and free.
I wasn't expecting much seeing as I wasn't alive during 65 to 75, but still left feeling really cool. It began with a lot of photos and information about hibbing, that was added specifically for the minnesota audience, which was sorta cool. I did grow up close to the pits, the crosby pits. some cool photos, and it confirmed my belief about the lack of jews in Brainerd.

anywho, i really like the dinkytown part, because of course I work and live there. well maybe i don't live there, I live in the SE como neighborhood, across the tracks from dinkytown. they had records from spider john koerner and others up, that asshole matt's dad. well matt's not that much of an asshole, but kinda he is. you love and hate him at the same time. which brings me to al's, my beloved place of employment. they had a menu up from 62, and it was almost exactly the same. the same handwriting and everything. the prices had bareley changed. ham went from 105 to 150, and omlettes have increased in 70 cents over 40 years.

anywho, after all the minnesota stuff they have all this new york stuff, albums with listening rooms, etc.and you'll feel so cool after you see it.

I especially liked the documentary outtakes they had of him on video. there is one of him in London in the mid 60s, and his minnesota humor just shines through. he arranged a sign saying we pick up, clip and bathe your dog, a number and cigarettes. he rearranged it so many ways and times that it became comical. like I said, us northern minnesotans have to find humor somehow.

and monster truck rallies are not the place for that. i went to one this weekend and the only good part was that max, sam, wayne and carter were with me. I routed for this one truck, brutus because of his name, and the fact that the driver's name was bergeron; harrison bergeron is what turned me into a vonnegut fan in seventh grade! and he was from minnesota/

as is the incrediebly sexy prince. seriously, could he be hotter????????/ I mean, I still wanna do himand he's like in his forties or something. his superbowl performance was goodconsidering what it was. a bunch of covers, and then his lame, old ballad purple rain. nothing from 3121, an awesome album which is totally family friendly. but his dancing, suit and phallic silhoutte all make up for it. it really was raining too, which makes it better.

but back here in minneapolis it has been snowing and being really fucking cold for like the past three weeks. suddenly our nice, warm winter went wrong, it was the winters I remember from being a kid. it's been so cold that I could not wash my car until yesterday because the doors would freeze shut. my cool new jetta. thanks, mom and dad! and I began to bike. my bike lock was not working, so I assumed it was the cold, and was forced to leave it outside with icicles hanging on it for weeks. so it was so nice I wanted to ride yesterday, but discovered the problem was the key, not the lock. so my bike was exposed for all that time for no reason.

and now I can't bike from como to dinkytown because I begin housesitting on Cedar Lake today. the house is fucking amazing, but far away from everything. and no buses run. it's almost in st louis park for fuck sake!

so i hear all these songs on commercials and it continues to dissapoint me. like badly drawn boy or the femmes, and it makes me wonder who owns this music?

oh, and when I saw Juna on sunday my whole "I don't wanna have kids" thing changed. they're too damn cute!


Valentine's day

Sorry that I have not posted for a while!

So one thing that I have really been thinking about are the acts of these mega church assholes, like haggard or the brooklyn park guy. It's so scary that people blindly follow these hypocritical, lying weasels and not their messages, or the Bible.
So Ted Haggard is straight, how good for him. I'm sure you all know about him
In case you're not a Minneapolis resident oe Star Tribune reader, read this to find out what I am talking about. So this pastor, Mac Hammond, did some sketchy stuff with the IRS and bought a yacht and shit. That's fine, but what really irked me was his justification of designer suits. His justification was that he feels better in nice suits, and preaches better, so he's really doing it for the congregation. I shit you not, he said "So really I'm doing it for you." The sad part is that people believe him and said amen after this. What a scary abuse of power based on Christianity. As you know I find the idea of God and Christ laughable, but have always appreciated christianity because of its message of compassion and redemption, but then i find this shit.

anyway, what else is new. I am about to house sit out on Cedar lake in a house with a jacuzzi and steam room. and awesome living area.

we lost at scrabble on tuesday

i had three plansfor valentine's day and broke them all! how fucking lame.

i'm making good money at al's and bought a 320 coat for 85 last night.

I'm switching to a diva cup.

I need to go home and see my mom, she keeps telling me that!

I'm going to my first monster truck rally on saturday. I have never been to one, and don't particularly want to go to this, but will because it's important to my cousin and I'll get to spend quality time with people that I love. It's also at the metrodome, and I'll go there for any reason before they tear it down. After all, I am paying for it because i live in goddamn hennepin county.

I got a new car, kinda, too. My daddy has my car in San Deigo, where he got a new job as a travel nurse for the next nine months. long story but he bought a new hyundai, but thought it was a sketchy deal, so drove my 99 corolla to providence to pack up, and then to san deigo. he managed to crash it, put over 5000 miles on it, and get two tickets! he loves it, and says he's in no hurry to trade back. So mom now has the hyundai and I have her old, 96 Jetta. I love the jetts for three reasons, it has a moonroof, it's a stick shift and it's purple! My mom was in love with that car, me not so much, but i do think it's pretty pimp. Like my new hair cut!

I have also begun LSAT preparation. I can't decide where I want to go to law school. Part of me wants to be a hippie, tree hugger lawyer and go to school on the west coast, like washington or oregon. part of me wants to do economic law at boston university. god damn, why can't i figure it out.

Also, I just interviewed for a position at st paul schools, and it almost killed me!!!!! I literally had no idea what to do with the math section; I don't know what a regression line is, and have no idea how to figure out the volume of a cylinder. I haven't done math since high school, and boy did it show.

so now off for lunch and another job interview. peace out.
sorry for the limited, lame posts lately.

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