There's no such thing as an appropriate joke


what's wrong with me?
I seem to be doing just well with no sleep.
I mean this going three or four days w/ little sleep is usually fine for like three days and then me crashing.
Now it's been many days w/ little sleep. I didn't even sleep well in Brainerd. I never do.

Man I wish it would snow! Today was the first real cold day. The first day for long johns! that's for sure. Today was not a good day. I got up to go to Al's. and I couldn't find my shadesand then not my keys. then i found keys but not shades that I wanted. then my bike lock wouldn't work! I shit you not, the key would not turn all the way, so I ran down the street, saw the bus and darted for it. I made it on time, ate at work, learned how to cook, got Harry to commit to making me a vegetarian dinner,tooksomeglasses from the lost and found that say NAVAL RESERVE on them. I hope todd or the nra guy left them. or the asshole cop who wanted a discount?!?!?!?!

what's wrong this picture? Well I have at least two and possibly three more of shades, one for my back pack and one for car. the bp one wasn't there and I dind't want to get my car pair. and the thrid pair, somelame pink ones are lost, i guess. like my favorite sweatshirt, the kaxe one I loaned to someone and NEVER GOT BACK (give it to me!!!!!) and my lock mayve cuz it was like twenty degrees.

anywho the lack of snow. We haven't had any yet in minneapolis. none.
I watched some of the damn packers game at adam's on monday night and there was SNOW. I was so jealous, seattle gets snow? Then I saw pics of a friend on facebook at school out there, she was sledding in the snow!!!!! It's just that as long as it's gonna be in the twenties and me not able to ride bike to school, there might as well be snow because it's so pleasing to the eyes.

and what, am i going to have to stop riding because my lock won't work in the cold!!! Oh well, I guess I will be getting my sixty dollars worth on the buspass afterall!

and graham made it through to TST on tuesday! Finally, for two weeks emily, dane and i had tried and it never ever worked! oh no. last callers, too. and we won on the superfast round, not special jeapordy though. we began one postgame, but ended halfway through.

today i picked up the medallion iget to wear for being an honors graduate. it's so lame. it's just a medalion, I WANT SASHES or CORDS or you know, whatever those things are called. E and I want to make our own. I also had a surprise run in with always adorable eric from 20th. I'll always have a crush on that kid, he's so cute!oh well. tomorrow cap and gown and tickets.

chicago friday. should be fun. roadtripping with tara, crashing with maya, seeing the tut exhibit, drinking in downtown chicago!


sooo tired

I am so tired and stressed out. It's unbelieveable.
fuck me.
anywho, i had to wait fortyfive minutes for office hours to get one fucking sheet of paper.
eff you, douche bag who talked to the professor for three quarters of his office hours while I sat outside, frustrated and sad.

and this indian boy thing is pissing me off royally. When dru sjodin went away, they looked for her for months and months, and the fbi is giving up after less than a week of searching for a four year old and two year old. eff you, too.


I didn't even have to show my boobs

Today I went home for the first long period of time since i don't know, easter probably. I was home a short time, one night this summer, to get some camping gear from my mom's house, for one night to go to the dentist and for one night for Mickey's funeral.

Now this is my fourth night at my mom's!
It's weird being here for so long, I have to say. I still manage to get very little done.

here are some highlights, or typical brainerd things to do that I have had the chance to do.

1) Color the turkey at grandma's before thanksgiving dinner.

2) Have all the family there for dinner and even betty and janet and then graham and freida for dessert.

3) Have max and maya over for some tv watching, this time an ali g marathon. funny shit!

4) Go to perkins. We went thursday night at twelve thirty and were there until two. I bought some cigarettes because I could smoke indoors, barely made it through three even with the help of Graham, another pathetic-i-only-smoke-in-brainerd type and left them there. The old homeless guy was there, the dorky manager guy, the normal crew really.

5) Aitkin Fish House Parade! This was a new one for me, although it was the sixteenth annual. I first heard of this parade maybe five years ago on Let's Bowl, one of the greatest tv shows ever. Created by some brainerd people and hopkins people (the genuis responsible for MST3K) and was on kare 11 forever and then was briefly picked up on comedy central. So we never did go. and then this friday it ws in the fifties, sunny and warm so mom, martha, grandma, carter and I went. the highlight was theelvis float. It was elvis dancing and singing on a float with a some brides behind him fishing for bridegrooms with panties on a string. A little risque for Aitkin, MN. it was the float of some elvis wedding chapel. I got some mardi gras beads and i didn't even have to show my boobs! and some candy. at first i felt bad about taking all the candy from little kids, but they had bagfuls and were fat and greedy little fucks. Seriously, they were all fat, I was sorta dude watching, was mom, and this was not only men looking in Aitkin, MN, which was the only stop light in the whole goddamn county, but it was the type who ice fishes. there were tons dressed in FOXRACING shirts and camo hats. eww.

Here's a photo of Let's Bowl's entry in the parade. I can't remember what they had for a fishhouse, but they had T and A, scotch and cigarettes.

6) Butler's. Then we went to Butler's the big store in downtown. It was techinically a fabric store. But it also had some displays downstairs and was maybe a museum. There was an old general store to look at, a bunch of sea shells, a manequin in an indian outfit, a headdress, etc. the store was so cute, and the underwear display was also adorable. about as 1960 as you can get, really.

7) Deerwood and Crosby. How can you go to Aitkin and not got o deerwood? well there restaurant was closed, so we went to a place in Crosby that just sucked. We were the only people in there and it took so long for everything. Waitresses are so fat in these small towns.

8) The cashwise run in. So of course I saw dylan, jenna and graham at the store. and invited them to my dance party.

9) Kirstin. Kirstin of Yale, famous for being so distant all of a sudden, was in Brainerd! and she only lives blocks from my house, and she didn't come! that would have been so fun to see her, we haven't seen each other for years.


what's new

I played a great game of scrabble tonight!

wooooh. last night in minnetonka was a lot of fun!

we watched bend it like beckham and then some other movie on hbo. beckham was good, but the other one sucked. and, as sometimes in the case, ewan mcgregor was the only good thing. i never looked up the info, but it was kinda like the matrix, very interesting philosophically, but sucks as a movie.

here's the premise, the epicurian view and why I agree with it.

PREMISE: some man has found a way to cloan humans so that they can always have a replacement body part. he knows it's wrong and that people won't like it, so he doesn't tell anyone about where he gets the organs from. entire underground colony of clones, two escape, tear shit up and get it on.

before i get to epicurus, let me start with evil. I just wrote a paper on evil last week and read a book on it. So the guy with the clone colony, he knows that what he us doing requires him to break a natural barrier in the human mind, and thus creates the insurance front and tells no one about the clones. He also feels guilty, for he becomes aware that the clones have emotion, but never really thought. So he fills them with memories and creates an illusion that they will soon be rewarded through a lottery system.
He has transformed him ego in that of a hero, embiggening lives and curing diseases.

and of course there's aristotle's the mind wants to know. somehow the mind of ewan's clone began to wonder and become human like, so he takes his bff and leaves.

Sorry for the photo, but we're discussing philosopher types in hellenistic art tomorrow.I have demosthenes, but this is a better statue, and it's epicurus

anywho, to epicurus, one of my favs!
So the question arises, is it wrong to make clones and keep them isolated in an elaborate underground colony, completely unaware of the real world?
We would say no. The clones are happy and completely unaware of the outside world. If they don't know what they're missing and they can't experience it, they can't be harmed. The clones were kept happy with the facade of oneday getting chosen in the lottery to go to the island (i.e. have your organs removed and then killed) They have no knowledge of this, and when they do realize there is no island, they are dying, and therefore can not experience anger resentment against the system because they can not experience anything without their bodies.
Why do I agree with this, well, if you can't experience something, it's not bad for you. while the clones would have truth and freedom outside, they didn't know their potential and were happy in their ignorance, thus I believe they can't experience relative harm.

I'm sorry that's poorly written and organized. me tired


more on the scissor sisters

I just wanna say how great that cd is.

The first time I heard I loved like three songs. But after listening to it all the way through multiple times, I LOVE all but one songs.

Choice songs, I don't feel like dancing, it ain't easy, Paul McCartney and Might tell you tonight (my current fav)

It's like they combine banjo, piano, drum machine, etc. It's deborah harry, elton john, rufus wainwright, phish and usher combined into one.

For example, Paul McCartney is a flat out dancing song, club worthy, with some psychadelic/jam band guitar going over the fast paced beat.

oh fucking shit.

i just might say it tonight

you're wondering why I haven't blogged for a while?

well, life's boring. I'm a gonna bullshit this list now!

1) let me start by saying that, MY CAR IS FRICKIN SWEET, they did an amazing job!

2) I volunteered to drive to chicago

3) my excitement from the elections is gone

4) I'm a sucker to the star tribune. I canceled my subscription, and they called me thrice, but I didn't answer, then they mailed me and offered me seven-day delivery for 2.49 a week. I threw it away, the next day they called and offered me 1.75 a week! I had to take it, I mean that's how much just the sunday paper is, and they're delivering it to me everyfucking day for that price.

5) Piano lessons. Why didn't I take them? My mom's a piano teacher, and I had to not take lessons. was i trying to prove something? I wanna play, it's probably because I've been listening to so much

6) Scissor sisters. I bought a CD on saturday. first cd i've bought since rufus wainwright want two. I did get a free cd this summer, though. So I just plain had to buy tadah. annie and bridget both fell through with their "i'll burn you a copy" lies. So I made seventyfive in tips, and figured I had to go buy it, and just like before, they didn't have what I wanted at Know Name and the guy was unpleasant, so I went to CD warehouse. which sucks.

7) Law school. I am both pumped and freightened. It's like a lot of work and like a lot of money. And as far as I can tell I'm going to have to begin studying for the lsats in jan or feb. Because it's a bitch. At least that's what I found out at the meeting/workshop I went to today. It was extremely helpful. This is not something that I am going to fuck around with. I mean, I'm fairly certain that this is what I want to do with my life.
anywho, sure beats grad school, did you know they're completely reformatting the gre in june and only the reading section in the lsat is changing?

8) erin. just got back form her house. she's so funny. she's so adult and not at the same time. I mean, she's got a husband, her own place, money for decorating, etc. Yet she's so socialable and relatable to me, so not stuck up. And she's such a parent's girl. I'm glad she's going to law school hell right now to.


hold steady

A compilation of the last few days

1) Global Warming. Yesterday it was 72 degrees! global warming is so cool!


2)instant runoff voting. Minneapolis passed it. how cool is that?

3)Google earth, Urban exploring and the Hold Steady.
Let's start with a satellite image of my house

well, I guess that won't work, so just click on THIS link to see it.
Unless you've been to my house before. then you know how no one lives across the street except for that weird storage place a little bit down the road. Anywho, I'm the last house on 21st before it stops and continues on at talmadge. because the train track is right there. and in my back yard there is a huge parking lot (seriously, all six of us can park in there and there'sstill lots of pavement. if you're into basketball it would be great, seriously, it's huge, as you can see from the photo. and a large yard. and then yards of yards and yards of of woods before the train tracks. so last night on account of the nice weather we had another bonfire, and it's so great. there's woods everywhere! and we never have to buy firewood. seriously, it's like my house in Minneapolis, one block from the bus line, a bikeride to downtown, with woods in the backyard! thank god for that. It's like the hold steady said, minneapolis is thoroughly urban but midwestern. and it is! I was walking through the woods, getting firewood in minneapolis!
as for the band, they're okay, but i can't listen to them without thinking of Jason. Because his voice was just like that and he always listened to them.

4) king tut! going to the tut exhibit in Chicago. yeah!

5) knicks. yesterday I met a former knicks player at al's. too bad i can't remember his name. he was with a white guy who has played for athens and barceleona!


what have i done that is interesting today?

I was at the DFL celebration for a long time last night.
And this time it didn't end in tears, as it did two years ago when I was at the DFL event.
I remember that night. I worked all summer to get kerry elected. voluntered,worked, called, knocked on doors,etc.
This time I volunteered a total of less than ten hours. and it was awesome

also, the DFL charges five dollars for a bottle of beer! You can get a six pack for that much money! anywho, it didn't matter. I was downtown st paul, so was hatch, otto, swanson, etc. and everyone who was anyone! Oh man. also, i went with graham, which was okay, but he knew everyone there and I knew noone.

So what have I done today?
got up early and confirmed that yes, Pawlenty did lose, we did win the house and have half of the senate. Then when I was at work, I got a text that Rumsfeld is resigning, whipped out my iBook, confirmed it, read the news to the counter, and we all cheered.
then went to a meeting. Then went to to grade. then went to sgt preston's for happy hour, then came here to class slightly buzzed. then talked to a fellow student while smelling bad, in dirty clothes and probably smelling like beer. But the last time I washed my hair, republicans were in majority, I put on my clothes before I worked at al's, and well, I'm tired!

What should i do? wash my hair at five in the morning?

and I just watched the britney spears sex tape in class


an inconvenient truthhttp://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gif

yesterday I did nothing of note. I did to go to the al gore movie, enjoy the gorgeous day and see jake, kevin and brandon, though! and jake noticed my nose peircing right away. not even my mom did. andjodi noticed my blond hair!

Sat at 4pm eastern and sun at 7 eastern my place of employment, Al's Breakfast, will be on the food network's Diners, Dives and Drive ins. Check it out.

gonna hoop. even though not gorgeous, still warm!



last weekend the high was 70. it was gorgeous.
then it got nasty for halloween.
now the high is 60 everyday from now until thursday.
YEAH, so I can bike to school still, hoop outside, have my window slightly open, etc. it's fucking gorgeous out considering it is november.
So when I volunteer on tuesday for the election, it will be gorgeous outside. YEAH!
last night I was hooping outside into the morning hours it was so hot!
I even learned a really cool new trick. i gotta get some video and put it up.

SO the trick, if you're wondering, is that i can guide the hoop from my wait to above my head and back down quickly and smoothly. the trick is guiding, not grabbing, looking confident and listening to prince.

i honestly can't think of a better song to hoop to than "sexy motherfucker" so please download that song if you've never heard it.

I can't believe that lynnea is actually moving to new york. i gotta get out.

I've been having these "what should i do with the rest of my life" freak-outs lately. I mean, now i have three classes and three jobs. and in less than two months I'll only have al's. should I see if i can get a job in greece with MARWP, the lab I work in now?
PRO: I get to live in Greece and do archaeology. CON: I make no money, and I will have some loans to pay off soon. it also interferes with the law school plan.
I think I will for sure intern with my aunt if I don't. I can't really pass up a job opportunity that good.
Should I go to grad school and maybe have some sort of degree by the time I am thirty? Should I stick with art and archaeology? Should I do a post-bac language program and become a full-blown archaeologist? Should I do art history as my professors want me to do?
Should I go to law school like I want to do. get a crappy job as a do-gooder and later sell out and become a high-paid business woman?
Should I just see what happens?
Should I do something like peacecorps or teach for america?
Should I move out east?

too many questions to think about.
I'm going to go see an inconvenient truth now, for free at coffman.
second movie I've seen this weekend.



and a special tip of the hat to Max, for making me copies of every single arrested developement dvd!

and a tip to tara, for being a cheese hater as well!

yesterday's noteables

It's a lie, I didn't write down a damn thing yesterday

I barely left the house, to be honest. I only left to go the AHUGA meeting, the rec center and THE BORAT MOVIE.

at the ahuga meeting I got free luce and found out I will be getting a free trip to Chicago to see the king tut exhibit at the field museum! finally, those years or awkward meetings and outings will pay off!

the rec was not notable, of course. a few random run ins. nothing too exciting

later in the afternoon I watched jeapordy, a typical amelia move. The woman on there, who I think was from st paul (but maybe somewhere else), had the MOST BORING story I have ever heard. It was about how someone stole her garbage can, so she put out her trash in a bag and a bum went through it and she got a ticket for not having a can, but got it overturned. How lame is that? I have like twenty million stories better than that! and i'm only 21

then did some homework, andrew came over. we danced to rocky horror picture show, drank, later max, graham and sam came over and we saw borat. not quite "funniest movie ever" as many have claimed, but really damn funny!



So from now on my posts will be different. I made a three dollar investment I have been meaning to make for along time. I bought a small notepad at the mia giftshop so I can write down things and remember to blog about them. always a big problem for me.

I'll just do a bullet point for everything in my list today

1) Car. gonna be in good shape again, and I get a rental car courtesy of insurance!

2)Bridge and mia. So I was needing to drive from NE central to the mia during rushhour. avoiding the freeways and their hectecness during rush hour, I took central all the way down and went across teh second ave bridge. Instead of freaking out and getting on hennepin downtown, I stayed the course and guess what, IT TOOK ME OVER THE FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT BRIDGE!!!!!!!! I drive under it all the time on 94, but this was the first time i ever went under it which turnes into third avenue on the otherside of downtown, and is like four blocks from the mia! so on top of the new bridge, i found a new fast path through downtown in the heart of skyscrapers, another view i love! here's a pic with a slice of downtown, and note the leds!

3) M for MACHO. So a prof went off today about he thought the U's M was too macho and how h hated looking at it. and how it was such a waste to have someone else design it when we have a studio arts department. here's our not-gopher goldy the gopher with the flag

4)Brown and Black. Soat the mia I noticed like six people mixing brown and black. from various ages and degrees of hipness.

5)Jack Lenor Larsen. This is this really cool textile artist who has some rooms in the new wing. I love his psychadelic prints that the U actually owns and just took out of archive. I will wear and all! If you can't go to the free museum and see it, click on the link!

6) Target Model. he doesn't deserve much. just a guy in class

7)ground score. So in a great ground score I ended up with a really cool scarf! second cool scarf I have gotten on a groun score in a month. It was also from the mia, and ameera was like "did someone lose their scarf?" and no one claimed it, so I took it.

8)lobby, weird soup thing and calvin and hobbes. They had the best calvin and hobbes I have ever seen.and this weird dispenser thing with four powders - two coffee, one cocoa and one soup. and then you add hot water. ew!

9)midterm. this is fucking awesome! so i have onemidterm left of my undergraduate career. it's in the class that i took a midterm for last week, the one i celebrated with tara. and the professor says today that he was so pleased with them that we aren't having the second midterm! NO MORE MIDTERMS! now just one research paper, a final and some small thing! my score, 97!


Hugh Jass

I caught Bella drinking out of the toilet today!!!!!!!!!! and we are not not pee flushers. at the time the toilet was clean, but still.

oh man. today after work we stood around the back table for a while talking about fucking friut and ani's vagina.
That's what I love about Doug, he's so completely asexual. He's like the should-be-creepy old guy who is not creepy. I get the feeling he's one of those rare guys who likes being a dad. And he keeps singing songs about butts and sex. I really like "You make my butt shine, you make my butt shine." We had a lot of fun with the name Anita Bath at work, too.

man the simpsons was killer last night! choice runs. but then i could not go out on accounta i had to grade. i even chose grading over totally scrabble tuesday!

butt hairs! instead of butters.oh man are ever good. Doug's response to my Fuck Your Fascist Beauty Standards pin: I don't have fascist beauty standards, if it bends over I'll fuck it.


yesterday I broke a record
a six year record.

comepletely not my fault. some other chicks. little damage. too korai. she's a good car

so this weekend was fucking awesome
I saw so many great outfits, not to mention i went as a greek goddess and had the best outfit ever! I was wearing a shower curtain as a peplos, a rotunda as a polos and some strappy sandals!
I got to be a HUGE CLASSICS NERD and correct everyone when they called it a toga

anywho, the genius at the apple store fixed my iPod again!

two years and it's still runningstrong!

what should i do with the rest of my life?

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