There's no such thing as an appropriate joke


I'm sorry

that I've been so lame lately.

I have little time to write now.

i just want to make a few car observations

1) having crank windows SUCKS. I can't roll down the passanger window at all, and it takes an extra hand and time to get my window. how am I supposed to yell witty things at people when I see them?

2) I'vebeen like seriously commuting while housesitting, and everyday I can't believe how many cars are on the road at the weirdest times, and rush housr starts at two, and there's like so many lanes of backed up cars. So I did some research, turns out the twin cities metro area is the fifteenth largest in the country. makes me ashamed. all we have is one fucking light rail line that goes from downtown to the airport and mall of america?

3) you need to have a car in minneapolis becauase when bands like Scissor Sisters come to town, they play at the myth, in MAPLEWOOD! maplewood, it's so far out there you can smoke in the bar! and they still have the balls to charge 1150 for rails! oh man, it's a huge night club, 6K capacity, in the parking lot of a kohls, best buy and ashley furniture store. Only worth it for the music. i wonder what brought all the non dancers out there?


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